Children get fat, fat, fat or thin, fat children are better dressed in what clothes

Baby child can be chubby, I feel particularly sensual, it feels particularly cute, but the child will grow up gradually weight loss, as long as not too thin on it, a little skinny is normal, do not because of a thin Began to Meng eat nutritious things, this is not good, give children a regular nutritional supplements is the best, a little bit fat is not related, but more healthy, grow up slowly lose weight, is in development Period of fat little fat is normal, how to wear clothes at this time? Happy Qiubi children's wear called how to match you. Fat children do not have no confidence Oh, childhood slim is not necessarily a good thing, a little fat is the best body, and is the most normal when the body is long, fat little children like Wang Shiling is very cute, wear clothes Will not be ugly, this vest dress style, comfortable and healthy cotton fabric, the chest dotted with a golden five-pointed star is very conspicuous Oh, malachite green color absolutely refreshing in the summer. Loose version of the first body shape, even the little princess chubby can also be beautiful to navigate it, this watermelon red color dress style, a little doll shirt more lovely shape, the summer to the child tie an aunt fashion Cool Oh, moms what is your baby body size, suitable for this dress?

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