Warmly congratulate the Eliza women's brand new store opened in Jiangmen, Guangdong

July 2, Eliza women's brand in Taishan City, Guangdong Province, No. 192 Pedestrian Street grand opening, welcomed the new and old customers visit the new store, there are big bargain waiting for you Oh!

Fashion is the most sensitive to inventory, Alisa terminals are almost zero inventory. Alice does not set the futures business, to take stock delivery. Shop products to do the width of the depth, a small amount of variety, code 50% share, 20% per week on the new loading rate. A good business model to ensure that the turn-key season when the store's inventory tag packaging price does not exceed 5,000 yuan. The company has a strong distribution system that enables accurate data analysis. Elisa products do not discount, to ensure the brand's competitiveness and consumer loyalty.

The company has a strong and efficient research and development, operation, training, display team, so that Aisha has a stronger competitive advantage. Aisha's products to update the series quickly, and ultimately the formation of wild products to increase sales and customer price, the simple and efficient mode allows the terminal shopping guide to get started selling. Currently the industry is not good at doing popular women, fashion more difficult to do, but Alisa unremitting exploration, the formation of a combat effectiveness and execution team. The company headquarters has 800 square meters of training deposit to ensure that the terminal regularly train positions, prompting the terminal quickly learn the various positions in the shop management, sales and other skills.


Aili Sa pursuit of closer to consumers, low-cost decoration to achieve first-class image, thereby reducing investment. The company has a good grasp of this balance point, the largest China's feedback to the terminal price, so that consumers benefit, the terminal increase profitability.

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