The jewelry store also plays "Internet +"


On August 1, Chow Tai Fook's first technology store in Hangzhou area settled in Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, which is Chow Tai Fook's first technology store in the Yangtze River Delta region. Unlike previous stores, this Chow Tai Fook blends multiple technological elements to provide consumers with an unprecedented jewellery experience.

Chow Tai Fook's first technology store in Hangzhou has a total of two floors and covers an area of ​​370 square meters. In addition to the large shopping space, Chow Tai Fook opened the new model of smart marketing in the jewelry industry for the first time. For example, on the first and second floors, there are transparent interactive windows and smart shopping guide system, so that guests can display jewelry and product information in a transparent window through touch interaction, compared to looking at traditional brochures. It is more intuitive to feel the dazzling jewels.

On the opening day, Chow Tai Fook also showed a new collection of special jewelry series at the China Pavilion at the Milan Expo. Miss Zhao, who lives in Wushan Square in Hangzhou, said, “Now the price of gold is low, only 270 yuan per gram. It’s worthwhile to buy a home. Now many retail industries are doing 'Internet+'. Just entering the door, the clerk taught me to use the touch screen. The mobile phone scan QR code can also see which products are discounted and new information on the mobile phone, which is very convenient at a glance."

Chow Tai Fook's staff said that the store will continue to provide value-added services such as jewelry cleaning and maintenance, and member-only activities.

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