Fast and no trace 4 large glass glue removal method

[China Glass Net] Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive for households. If you accidentally drop the glass glue on the floor tiles, it will be miserable. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to scratch the surface of the tile and destroy the tile. Beautiful. The following small series will tell you how to remove the glass glue, in order to not leave scratches on the tile.

1. For uncured glass glue, it is relatively easy to handle. Just use the cleaning agent at home and spray it on the glass glue. Wait a few minutes and wipe it off with a rag.

2, if it is cured glass glue, with a single-sided blade or a utility knife, gently scraping can also remove the glass glue, but it should be noted that because the utility knife can remove the glass glue on the tile, but in Be careful when using it, gently scrape it, otherwise it will easily scratch the glaze of the tile and affect the beauty of the tile.

3, wet towel wipe: When the treatment is almost the same, use a wet towel to dilute the thinner and gently rub a few times, so that it will not damage the ceramic glaze and will not damage the aesthetic appearance of the brick surface.

4, organic solvent: If it is more difficult to remove the glass glue, or has been sticky for a long time difficult to remove, you can use some organic solvents, such as alcohol, gasoline, etc., the glass glue dissolved.

Because the glass glue on the tile is relatively difficult to handle, so in the decoration of the house or the need to use the glass glue, you can put a newspaper on the tile, etc., in order to prevent the glass glue from getting the tile to be further removed.

In addition, the following aspects of the glass glue Xiaobian have to be taught to everyone:

Glass glue performance is different

In fact, the glass glue commonly used in home decoration is divided into two types according to the performance: neutral glass glue and acid glass glue. Many people can easily use neutral glass glue and acid glass glue because they do not understand the performance of glass glue. A person who has been engaged in the sales of glass glue for a long time said that this is a big problem in the current use of glass glue in home decoration. Customers often do not say the purpose, they say "coming two bottles", in fact, the gap between the two is quite large.

Glass glue is commonly used in home decoration: the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, sanitary ware, toilet, mirror in the bathroom, the gap between the sink and the wall, etc. These places use different properties of glass glue. Neutral glass adhesives have weak adhesion and are generally used on the back of bathroom mirrors where they do not require strong adhesion. Neutral glass glue is used more in home decoration, mainly because it does not corrode objects, and acid glass glue is generally used in the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, and the bonding force is strong.

Use glass glue to pay attention to mold
It is also very important to use glass glue: be sure to prevent mildew. For example, a lot of glass glue is used in the bathroom. The bathroom is very moist and easy to mold, so the glass glue must be mildewproof. Generally, the glass glue bottle will be explained, it must be seen. In addition, some poor quality glass glue does not have such a function at all, so be sure to recognize it when purchasing.

Buying glass glue is cheap and quality is very important

At present, the quality of glass glue on the market is mixed. The simpler way is to judge the quality by brand and price. Try to choose brand glass glue when purchasing, they are guaranteed in quality, especially in the packaging of these brands of glass glue, there will be detailed product descriptions, which is convenient for buyers to distinguish performance.

In terms of price, each bottle of household glass glue is generally around seven or eight yuan, and a better glass glue is about 30 yuan per bottle. However, there are also two or three yuan per bottle in the market. The quality of such a price of glass glue can be imagined, so buyers should not be cheap when choosing.

Choose glass glue to see instructions

The instructions on the glass plastic packaging must be seen. Sometimes the same brand products will be divided into series and grades. There will be notes on the instructions, such as level 5 and level 7. These levels will correspond to certain scopes and categories. There is no uniform standard for the industry in China at present, but foreign brands of glass glue will have uniform standards. For example, sanitary ware should use 7-grade glass glue.

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