What are the three steps in the cleaning of turquoise bracelets?


Turquoise cleaning:

Clear water service: Since turquoise is chemically unstable, do not use any solution that changes its chemical properties. Clear water is the best choice. Although turquoise can absorb water, it does not affect its appearance and internal structure. However, be careful not to wash with hot water, which is sensitive to heat.

Wipe with a soft cloth: After the water is cleaned, the turquoise absorbs too much water and is not easy to dry, but it cannot be placed in the sun. At this time, we can choose to place the vents to dry, or use a clean soft cloth. wipe. Wipe the force should not be too large, otherwise it will damage its wax.

Neutral soapy water: Sometimes, water does not clean the stains on the turquoise surface, so we can use neutral soapy water. The temperature of the soapy water should not be hot, and do not use a soft brush to brush the turquoise surface, which will damage the wax. Rinse with water after washing and wipe with a soft cloth.

Diffuser Necklace

The advantages of essential oil diffuser necklace:

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2) The aromatherapy oils in stainless steel diffuser necklace can help you to control your mood and feelings better.

3) An oil diffuser necklace or aromatherapy necklace can be worn anywhere and anytime with your essential oils.

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