Pretty sandals are the first choice in this summer's fashion

The sandals on the market are particularly bright this year, making it even more dazzling. Therefore, before starting, you may wish to refer to some of the following tips for fashion experts. In addition to focusing on the shape of the heel, if you have a pair of beautiful feet, then the highly angled slippers are the most fashionable choice. The flip flops that began to be popular last year will set a peak this summer! In fact, from the farm, the beach to the streets of the city, a pair of slippers can go to today's scene, related to the social situation, and leisure vacation, simple and natural and self-awareness, can not get off; 70s hippie, 80 years of beauty fitness In the 90's Yafei elite, they all praised the slippers. For many office workers, flip flops are the closest to the bare feet and represent the highest level of physical and mental liberation. The biggest change in angle shoes this year is no longer just flat-bottomed slippers, GUCCI and Other angle shoes into high-heeled ankle strap shoes. How to wear flip flops to go to work and wear old flip-flops to work, one day to get mad at the boss, not to prevent the reform of high-heeled models to start, trousers to cover all things OK. If you only want to buy a sandal, if you only want to buy a sandal, then the most you should buy this season is thick-soled shoes. This year's thick-soled shoes have changed in many ways. It doesn't look so heavy and it's not stupid. For several years, the age of Songgao shoes was mainly locked in teenage teens. This year, the shoes are mainly 25 to 40-year-old and relatively mature. The biggest advantage of wearing this kind of shoes is not very tired, because it is very high, it is easier to match clothes, it is much easier than wearing very fine high-heeled shoes, in addition, the thick-soled shoes will not have any problems. . How to wear office-soled shoes is essentially a leisure genre. To go to the office, it is best to choose sandals without open toe. The upper is relatively short and the legs are longer. The color is not very extreme - do not choose the metal color, to keep up with the curvature of the best shoes. If you want to follow the trend of elegant round-toe shoes, you should focus on purchasing small round sandals. In particular, open-toed fish mouth shoes, DKNY, etc. are fans of this type of shoes. The small round-headed shoes are comfortable and modern, and are especially suitable for wearing during work. The round shape of the outline does not have much requirement on the foot type, and it is suitable for most of the foot type. How to weaken the dress feeling of the Baotou shoes If you feel that the Baotou shoes are a little boring, you can choose to wear a little toe fish head round shoes. The popular weaving material is also a shortcut to decompression. Personalized color graffiti Many shoes this year, a single product main line pretty line, soles are all kinds of different types of coated duck painted case, and some even the heels are decorated with beads, ladybugs or dots, identification high. Especially suitable for individual girls and when they go out to play. This type of shoe allows you to always smile and make you feel good with a glance. Make your feet full of pleasure Whether it is leather, plastic, silk shoes, you should choose to have some decoration on the shoes, such as drilling Yeah, metal style and so on. Decoration is the key to performance.
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