White Collar Perfect Dress Up 5 Fashion Items Trends

White Collar Perfect Dress Up 5 Fashion Items Trends
There is a chance at the weekend to chat with famous Taiwanese designer Luo Yu about how white-collar dresses can be decent, stylish and personal. First of all, you need to understand your own style. This includes your own body shape and suitable color. Afterwards, we must also understand the overall trend of international trends and combine them to create a perfect personal image.

White-collar work-dresses mainly include clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Each of these has some basic factors. With these basic essential products, we can easily dress up.

1. Essential white-collar cosmetics

Many urban white-collar workers today do not know how to make up. Actually, what kind of make-up, make-up appointments, what makeup to attend business PARTY, and what kind of makeup to participate in a friend's party are all very important ones.

First, you need to have a good foundation. It can help you cover the dull complexion and dark circles caused by day and night.

Second, mascara and eyelash curler. The eyes are the windows of the soul, why not brush it up?

Third, a blush that is a bit eye-catching. Many OLs are afraid to use blush, because if they aren't careful, perhaps their faces become monkey butts. But Blush is a key to making the makeup of the face “live”.

Fourth, lipstick. Lipstick, female essential. Even if you don't do anything, lipstick can't be ignored.

Fifth, eyebrow pencil. It is said that Yan Lingyu spends an hour a day on her thrush. This shows the importance of beautiful eyebrows for beauty. The ancients said that the powder meal refers to powdering and thrush.

2. White collar clothing = \ big name

White-collar workers are a direct reflection of the company's image. It is very important to dress appropriately in the office, but at the same time it must have its own style. Some elements are essential when buying fashion.

Such as jackets, pants, skirts, coats and other exteriors, black, white, gray, beige is a must-have color, look like to choose not easy outdated style. Do not be afraid of expensive prices, texture must be better, because after all you can wear for a long time.

The clothes you take will only need two or three pieces of better texture, and the rest will be able to choose popular styles, rich colors and styles. At this time, you should try to choose cheap ones, because the popularity is fast, maybe tomorrow. Turning to the direction, it is not necessary to buy expensive clothes.

We also learned from Luo Xie that professional women in the United States often choose clothes that are not top-brand, stereotyped clothes, but are clothes that can be used together. Learn to match, white-collar women can match infinite possibilities from limited clothing.

3. White collar must have 10 pairs of shoes

Shoes for white-collar workers is not just for aesthetic reasons. Wearing uncomfortable shoes on the feet can have bad health effects.

As a white collar, 10 pairs of shoes need to be prepared in the closet. The four seasons of leather shoes and boots are all necessary, especially black is indispensable. Styles are as stable as possible, but not as fancy, summer sandals can be selected as novel and cheap as you like.

4. White collar jewelry to personality

Jewelry in the white-collar dress can play a finishing touch. White collar essential accessories are scarves, pins, necklaces, earrings, belts, rings and so on. The same piece of clothing plus different accessories will have different effects.

European and American white-collar workers are very good at using necklaces, earrings and brooches to create effects to highlight personal style, while Japanese white-collar workers prefer to use watches with bracelets and rings to express personal fashion.

5. White Bag Policy

OL generally requires five or six bags. In these bags, there must be at least one black and one light color; a larger one can be placed on the file, a small gift bag to facilitate the attendance of some business activities.

In Europe, a lot of OL habits often have two bags in the side: this one big and one small two bags, can coordinate with the OL's work and dating equipment. Large, for the placement of documents, office; small, you can finish all the work, let you smoothly transformed into a modern beauty in the dating scene.

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