New season boom spring summer sandals 3 hot

Spring/Summer Sandals 3 hot crocodile leather and lizard skin boat shoes, gold high heels, and gold high heels. Sandals are an indispensable accessory for spring and summer. Looking around this spring and summer, the sandals are also influenced by the ethnic and nostalgia of the fashion industry. Among the many sandals styles, there are rich seventies color boats. Shoes for the season's hit, the other high-gloss sandals with ethnic details, and a bit of romantic strap sandals, are the top three sandals list this season. In the past, high-heeled sandals gave people a feeling of gentleness, but in the national winds, major brand names were all high. Shoes are infused with African ethnic elements, such as original wood, and some have a dumb gold ornate design, and are decorated with metal buttons and pot nails, even if the foot pedal is a four-fold clip. With the outbreak of the nostalgic boom of the 1970s, boat shoes continue to heat up this season. The previous spring and summer boat sandals, the lines are more delicate and light, but this season is an exaggeration of the big-headed style of the world, high-three to four-year-old 嫉 翊 翊 翊 P P P P 钗 钗 钗 钗 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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