Not just a change - the 2005 spring and summer hairstyles

Not just a change - the 2005 spring and summer hairstyles

Multicolor hair coloring

The hair color in spring and summer is no longer only a single color, but uses the technique of highlighting or block hair dyeing to change the hair color to two or more colors. Lucie Doughty, artistic director of PAUL MITCHELL, believes that putting more colors on the hair will have unexpected effects. GOLDWELL also emphasizes the contrasting color of hair to highlight the multi-level visual effects of hair; L'Or?l Professionnel is The method of dyeing hair in triangular areas is proposed. The shape of the above narrow and wide blocks allows the hair to flow like a waterfall and fluctuate. In spite of using any hair coloring technique or hair color, the gloss and good hair are consistent. The appeal.

Colorful hair accessories

Hair accessories are absolutely indispensable for spring/summer this year. The gypsy girl's big floral ornament, colorful headscarf, or rhinestone hair clips that have been popular for several seasons, even exaggerated wool, feathers, bow ribbons, hairstyles The teacher put all the imaginable things on his head as decorations, as if holding a grand Samba carnival dazzling. As for the alternative hair accessories that appear on the Alexander McQueen and Antonio Berardi shows, such as wood carvings and stacked books, you may wish to consider it as a special holiday makeup!

Hat modeling

This is really the gospel of the whole lazy person. In the spring and summer of this year, buying the top hat can replace many of the hair styling products! If you just comb a long hair, or even just use your fingers to make a mess, it doesn't matter if you mess up the ribbons. Then pick a hand-knit straw hat with a large brim (don't forget to flip the brim of your forehead), or The rugged western cowboy hat with its apex embellished with rivets, or the small and cute bell-shaped cap, will make it look super-stylish.

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