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Lattice Fashion Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company under lightness International Group, specializing in the production of functional underwear-based international enterprises. Laitisei adhering to the "woman's founder of happiness," the mission of many years of painstaking study of Asian women's physical characteristics and aesthetic needs, always grasp the trend of the pulse, adhere to the use of the latest high-tech fabrics. "Her" emphasis on ergonomic mechanics, emphasizing comfort and health, with high-quality international new fabrics and top fashion design. "She" to promote elegant, stylish, healthy underwear life philosophy, leading the new wave of lingerie fashion.

Love from the heart, the Group of mature markets - Lightning functional underwear as the industry benchmarking brand, with its unique brand personality underwear leading fashion vane. Choose Lattice, not only favored her ergonomic professional design, more intimate is that she created a healthy beauty for women. In the choice of underwear fabrics has been emphasized the comfort and health, in addition to bring elegant high-quality visual effects, but also high elasticity, fast absorption, no trace no pressure for women to bring the most gentle touch experience all in one. For each section of the curve, every inch of skin for the most delicate care, let it breathe freely, but also only women have the grace and grace. The so-called "moderate shade, shorten the degree of convergence," Letit Nisi elegant, stylish, healthy personality in the needle above the living color of life, under the perfect interpretation of wear, so slim and quiet walk between the walk is " Woman's happiness founder "!

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Lattice Ten advantages of joining:

1. International brand advantage, Lattice strong backing;
2. Leading the fashion trend of design advantages, the company's collection of a large number of outstanding underwear designers, the design of their underwear popular at home and abroad;
3. Rich underwear brand operating experience (production, marketing management team from major successful underwear brand);
4. New products quickly listed (each month to provide more than three new products listed);
5 replacement rate, high quality, the price, excellent cost performance; good after-sales service
6 free uniform advertising materials and some display props;
7. The company continued to provide a unified national major lingerie media advertising support.
8. Free decoration design renderings of the brand image, and to give a certain percentage of renovation costs support and opening of promotional items;
9. The company senior management experts on a regular basis to provide free training and guidance to guide all-round terminal management, and provide a comprehensive standardized training materials;
10. The company implemented strict market area security system to maintain the interests of agents, franchisees and promote the stable development of the brand.

莱特妮丝调整型内衣 女人幸福的缔造者

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