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Many fashion people believe that the fashion has always been chasing the trend, stylish design is the protagonist, therefore, fashion brand designers tend to focus more on how to beautify the clothing, while ignoring the functionality. In fact, this concept has fallen behind. From Louis Vuitton (LV) to Roger Vivier this season, multi-functional styles have emerged and flexibility has become the key. The kind of clothes and accessories that can be worn all year round, day and night are the object of everyone's dreams, and cleverly designed and widely used are also the latest luxury brand clothing labels.

More clothes to wear, more boots to use You may not have seen such shoes: Louis Vuitton's charm boots can be converted by zipper 3 kinds of height: and short boots, boots and over-the-knee boots; Prada (Prada) The leather boots are equipped with rain boots and motorcycle boots and are equipped with a detachable belt and built-in socks. In addition to shoes, the package does not show weakness. Alexander McQueen's locomotive clip bag is equipped with detachable gloves, Roger Vyvier’s day and night bag, and Anya Hindmarch's strap is The detachable backpack has become a hot demand for London's trendy cyclists, while Chanel has introduced a hanger with a built-in hanger.

This trend has also spread to the field of clothing. The designer Roland Murray has created clothes that combine tunics, T-shirts and dresses. This is very particular about cuts and fabrics. Only two are perfect to ensure that they can be tucked into a belt. It will not appear too bloated. Murray also invented a dress that he called "carré" (meaning French "square"). You can think of it as a blouse or a skirt. Designer Elasurius has designed a zippered skirt with 120 zippers. Each part can be disassembled, allowing you to change shapes as you like. As he himself said: "This zipper dress can be transformed into a dinner dress, T-shirt or even a belt."

DICKIES, a US-based clothing brand, has always been known for its versatility. Feng Zhiheng, Director of Brand Design, briefed the reporter: “DiKiss’s many coats can be worn on both sides. For example, a brown coat, which in turn becomes a red and white checkered pattern, represents different personalities and tastes. This design allows Buyers can easily attend different occasions."

A piece of clothing can be worn in a variety of ways. This way, more space is available for your wardrobe or trunk to house something else. From the Louis Vuitton 2011 men's collection in early spring, the multi-functional trend is very obvious. Louis Vuitton’s director of public relations, Huang Jianxiong, told reporters: “This season's signature items include multi-pocketed safari jackets, strap-on collars and pockets, and foldable hoods, many of which are examples of multi-functional designs. Today's ready-to-wear garments are not only pursuing stylish appearance, but also have high requirements for functionalization. Our consumers are smart and they want to buy good-looking and practical products."

Affordable ways of pursuing fashion However, as Richard Eichkum, senior director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, puts it, versatility is not a new concept, and this concept has long been entrenched in the jewelry industry. "Jewelry can be used as an ornament, or it can be added to other functions. For example, in the early days, the Roman ring was also a key." When it comes to why multi-functional clothing became popular, fashionista Xiaomi mentioned the mother's previous thrift. . “When I was young, my mother was the expert in remodeling old clothes. Now, we are thinking more about shopping. We want the goods to suit the four seasons and have a variety of functions.”

Gayage Geddes, the editor-in-chief of fashion and jewelry at British Bazaar, also remembers her mother's multi-functional costumes. “People in Florence in the 1960s weren’t that rich. I remember her two-tone, two-sided cashmere coat. The side pockets of the outerwear can be turned in and out. This is a very affordable fashion-seeking way. Obviously This atmosphere has returned again."

Vatican Vettey, director of Louis Vuitton footwear fashion department, agreed that people are looking for fashion products that can continue for many seasons, so giving a different choice to the same style is a wise solution. “This trend of multi-functionality is now flourishing in Europe and the United States. Some design styles have even become the brand’s best-selling single product. For example, the French designer Dennis Krober’s knitwear has many different ways of wearing, and you can wear it in midsummer. It can also be worn in winter, although these clothes are expensive, but they will never be outdated.Now many independent designers are very active in multi-functional clothing and are willing to challenge a variety of wearable items, which will bring refreshing changes. "Independent designer Lin Feng said. Li Sihua, Benetton’s senior regional communications director for the Asia-Pacific region, also believes that many people expect fashion clothes to wear from the morning to the evening and workdays to the weekend. For example, a pair of shoes that look simple, but with many functions, can be changed to a variety of styles according to the mood or occasion of the day.

The integration with technology has become a hot spot. Reporters learned that in the field of high-end outdoor apparel, the trend of multi-functionality has long since spread. John Gosach, the founder of the American sportswear brand Gorsuch, said: "Technology and fashion have recently been integrated into the same garment. Mixing fashion and functionality is the key to the success of the high-end winter sports series. “Nick Chalkley, Director of the Harrods Sports Department of the UK’s top department store, commented:” The ski suits launched by brands such as Prada, Fendi, Dior, although not designed for professional skiers, have technical content. It is quite high, such as Prada and Fendi's ski suits, which use unique water-reducing fabrics. At the same time, several of the ski jackets are also equipped with ski skirts, so these clothes can not only be worn during skiing, but also suitable for entering and exiting the ski resort. Outside restaurant."

In addition, electronic technology is also more used in clothing, so that costumes have a variety of real and interesting features such as calling, listening to music. In the United Kingdom, there is a clothing company called "Cute Circuit", which is committed to the integration of electronic products and clothing, so that the traditional clothing has new features. A few days ago, the company introduced a skirt with a built-in phone function that enables basic call functions with simple gestures. The skirt, called M-Dress, is a long-sleeved silk dress. A slot that supports a standard SIM card is placed on the label of the clothes, and a miniature voice transceiver is installed on the left hand cuff. Since the garment has a gesture recognition function, it is only necessary to lift the left hand close to the ear when answering a call.

In addition, a garment factory in Munich, Germany is also committed to the development of high-tech clothing. A jacket with a built-in MP3 player even caught the attention of BMW and intended to be customized. It is understood that the MP3 player is sewn in the inner pocket of the clothes, and the micro speaker is hidden in the collar, and the waterproof lines connecting the two are sewn into the garment. In addition, there is a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) chip in the jacket that can be positioned wherever customers go. “The younger generation of luxury consumers adore novelty, pursuit of individuality, and self-emphasizing. Therefore, they are very interested in these new costumes and clever functions. These new style costumes have a broad market prospect.” said Lin Feng.

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