Get rid of mediocrity! Man Lu card winter fur temperament match

This winter, if you are careful enough, you will find that many girls do not look boyish even though they wear tough coats, and the reason is just the fur at the collar! A little fur to make the whole clothes showed a different kind of charm, it is this just right decoration and embellishment, as Yiyi a lot of color. If you also want to make coats look more lovely and more affinity, it is better to follow the star models are the most common way this season - in the collar to add fur elements, both warm and ordinary coat looks fresh and full.

Anything decorated with fur seems to have a certain degree of noble temperament, indeed, fur has its own unique connotation, a kind of noble temperament, elegant kind of elegance, is indeed not comparable to the general clothing. Not swagger, but also cover your charm.


The Man carbs fur dress, slim black dress is very elegant and noble a noble vaguely revealed to the natural, noble and generous chest fur, Cheng Lu temperament, its own kind of irresistible charm. Over knee boots, naked wear is also very charming, white skin and black boots in stark contrast, very visual impact, this winter's most charming and most dazzling queen is you.

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