Process characteristics of andalusite

The use of andalusite in the industry is mainly due to its high temperature resistance. After the andalusite is heated to 1,350 ° C under normal pressure, it begins to transform into acicular mullite parallel to the original crystal. The mullite crystal is the only stable form of aluminosilicate under high temperature, and its theoretical conversion rate is 87.64%.

In the process of heating and converting into mullite, the andalusite can form a good mullite network with a volume expansion of about 4%. This is an irreversible crystal transformation. Once converted, it has higher fire resistance, the refractoriness can reach above 1800 °C, and it is resistant to quenching and rapid heat, high mechanical strength, strong thermal shock resistance and strong slag resistance. The load has a high conversion point and is highly chemically stable (even insoluble in hydrofluoric acid) and extremely resistant to chemical attack.

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