Teach you to appreciate jade

Teach you to appreciate jade Nowadays, the appreciation and collection of jade jewelry is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the jade industry. To collect jade must understand jade. In fact, it is not enough to understand jade, but it also requires a certain appreciation ability. Then, how does the collection and appreciation of jade articles begin?

First, look at the material material is the primary premise of the jade collection. High-quality jade materials are essential for a jade device, such as jade, jade, luster, density, splitting, and defilement are all elements of the jade grade and should not be ignored.

Second, identify modeling is the aesthetic framework of jade, but also an important factor in determining the value of jade collections. The shape is determined by the function and the shape of the jade billet. The proportional trade-off must be appropriate. Uniform but not rigid, balanced and stable is the work of the United States.

Third, the analysis process jade craftsmanship is a technical condition from the material into the device, its nature is relatively stable, difficult to be truly recognized, is a problem in appreciation. Any neat and smooth workmanship and skilled workmanship must be beautiful or beautiful. Conversely, the stagnation of sluggish boards and dragging mud and water is a sign of a sharp drop in the value of collections.

Fourth, the ornamentation pattern of Jian Jian is the decoration of jade, and its beauty and ugliness are easy for people to feel and feel. In general it is subject to the needs of the device, or both of them depend on the needs of social functions. Decoration depends on the structure, composition, complexity, density, etc., and all aspects of structure and method are orderly and harmonious.

V. Art and Art Art is the highest realm pursued by each jade piece, and it is also the most difficult to achieve. Anything that is lively and vivid, both form and spirit is a manifestation of artistic beauty, reflecting the rich collection value. On the contrary, those who are in the shape of a person and who are blind to the former are all works that violate the beauty of art. The value of appreciation is much less.

VI. Conceptual Innovation From the point of view of artistic innovation, jade artifacts with new ideas are worthy of collection, but they should be treated with caution in the collection of jade artifacts influenced by modern trends of thought, so as not to fall into the “newness-only” misunderstanding; however, it is not possible to fully collect antique jade artifacts. It should be based on specific circumstances.

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