Autumn and winter new color coat with expel the dull atmosphere

The rich colors of the fall of November make people yearn for it. This is the charm of autumn, a broad-minded, full of feelings of the season. She is not cold winter, there is winter magnanimous. In such a harvest season, nature to use gorgeous colors to dress up!

According to expert analysis, people in autumn fall asleep easily, while brightly colored clothes can effectively improve exhaustion and play a refreshing role. It is recommended to wear red, orange and yellow. Red can stimulate the body excited, have a warmth, increase heart rate, brain wave activity and respiratory rate; orange can increase appetite, relieve fatigue, fatigue, allergies and constipation have some improvement; yellow is the most conducive to memory of the color, This color can also increase blood pressure, improve heart rate, improve mood.

Mu Toli high-end women's brand, launched in the fall and winter seasons full-color silhouette coat! Warm and imaginative full of orange, fresh dynamic elegant intellectual blue, youthful vitality with tide of seaweed green, retro fashion warm heart mustard yellow ... a variety of colorful colors seems to be drifting autumn and winter dimming! This autumn and winter, are you ready to start a colorful coat?


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