Autumn coat with blue and pink popular look good

Autumn season, or to prepare a long-sleeved jacket to withstand the occasional cold. The two introduced below, the length of the models for wear, make you more attractive. Lip printing women , exquisite workmanship, simple version, novel style, in the market has a high audience rate, very lovable Oh.


Simple brown t-shirt with jeans, capable style left a fresh impression. Outside with a long-sleeved blue shirt, but also light texture. Good upper body effect, shaping the perfect body curve. Do not pick the body type version so many girls like it.

秋装外套流行搭配  蓝色和粉红色哪款好看

Pink small fragrance coat is also very popular yet. Reduce the age of the skin, simple and wild, and the following shorts to women's temperament double background, taste extraordinary. With a white shirt, comfortable texture, not pick the body dress, very pleasing. Red packets, but also more emphasis on it.

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