Anime derivatives help Quanzhou expand children's wear

Anime derivatives help Quanzhou expand children's wear

Quanzhou children's products industry, under the stimulation of the “separate two-child” policy, has recently actively accelerated the R&D and design process and continuously enriched its product line in order to seek more market share. Among them, animation derivatives have become an important breakthrough and a new “growth pole”, and the latest and most popular ones are children's cartoon clocks.

Children's Products Industry Expansion

In the booming development of this animation derivative product, the cartoon watch of Ji Ji Le's children's wear and the cartoon clock of “Little Rui and Big Devil” series under Big Thumb Brothers are the most representative.

The reporter learned from Xiamen Big Brother Animation Co., Ltd. that it has introduced more than 30 vivid and colorful cartoon clocks at the International Watch Fair. It is widely loved by merchants. The reality show cartoon doll next to the booth is more attractive to everyone. Grab pictures. It is reported that these cartoon clocks were jointly built by Big Thumb and Shishi Fengxiang Watch Co., Ltd.

According to Mr. Zhang Guokang, General Manager of Fengxiang Watch Company, in January of this year, Fengxiang Watch and Thumbnail Animation reached an authorized strategic cooperation and obtained the exclusive development, manufacture and sales of its series of original animation projects “Xiaorui and Daluwang” in the category of bell products. right. The official debut of the Shenzhen International Watch Fair 2014 was the company’s first batch of products.

“The Shishi manufacturing industry is developed, but many of them are traditional industries. In addition to the upgrading of technology, it is necessary to shape the brand concept and strengthen the core value of the brand. It is undoubtedly one of the shortest ways to use the animation culture to drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry.” Zhang Guokang said that the children's wear industry can also use cross-border cooperation to enrich the brand's product line and expand market share.

Zheng Fangping, executive vice president of thumb and anime, said that giving the product more playful fun, allowing consumers to consume products for the consumer culture is exactly what anime authorizes to do.

“In the past, everybody had a clock on the table, and now a mobile phone on the table of everyone, although it can play the role of the clock, but it strangled the children's imagination.” He said that these cartoon clocks are not only based on the shape of The prototype design of the series of characters in the "Master of the Devil" has behind it a culture of more than 300 episodes of original animation programs and a rolling broadcast of more than 400 television stations.

Season Ji children's wear is hand in hand with Chuzhou Hongyuan Watch Co., Ltd. to launch a series of children's watches. Starting from the second half of this year, Singapore's Jijile Children's Wear has formed a long-term strategic partnership with Hongyuan's time2u children's watch series. From July, time2u children's watches have been fully stationed in quarters children's clothing terminals, involving more than 700 stores across the country.

“Qi Ji Le has always emphasized the design of freedom, fun and fashion. This cross-border cooperation can bring more stimulation to consumers.” The responsible person of Ji Jile’s children’s wear said that this time together, the brand has been improved. The one-stop shopping model makes the choice of collocation in the store more diversified and better explains the marketing model of the brand experiential garden.

Borrow ideas from the cultural industry

"These products do not stop at the bluntness of the image. We strongly emphasize the penetration of culture into our products. There are concepts that require more substantive content." According to Zheng Fangping, in the course of R&D, the parties are authorized to communicate and discuss each other repeatedly. Production and manufacturing processes are inspected, and product development is based on full understanding and integration.

The cartoon bells developed by the first batch of “Xiaorui and Daluwang” series cleverly infiltrated the animation culture into the product. The manual of the product was played by the characters in the series of Xiaorui and Daluwang animations. Through vivid dialogue, the children were told how to use. This alarm clock, even if it is a flat product, will allow consumers to feel the three-dimensional story of animation.

In product design, full consideration is also given to the personality characteristics of the animated characters. Through the integration of animation elements, children are guided to think, imagine, establish ideals in play, and perceive the truth. “Children like animation, like stories, and also like role playing. We put a story and positive energy about Xiaorui and the devil through this cartoon clock so that children can better understand how to cherish their time and love life.” Zhang Guokang said.

Huang Liangsheng, president of Xiaocaopi children's clothing, said that the industrialization of children's products is a current trend. The children's wear industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it also occupies a considerable proportion of the entire apparel industry. "In the industry competition that springs up after the rain, we must build a branded and industrialized road for children's wear. Only winning the first round and winning the first opportunity can win consumers' favor," he said.

Li Hanfeng, an industry expert, also stated that the market is changing in the future. Now we can't hold a brand, we must operate with multiple brands and multiple categories, and we must diversify into the same-origin brand.

“Now there are many agents trying to bundle children's shoes and toys together. This is a good model. But some small-scale brand operators, unlike large companies, have a lot of body and money to manipulate this industry, just regional agents. Having strong operating experience in the category section, we can hand over our own clothing brand to him so that the projects he originally operated and the projects we operate can be considered as homologous projects."

"For example, the integration of shoes and clothing operations, although I can not do shoes, but dealers can find shoes to put their own things, increase the richness of the category." He said, whether it is the brand itself to do industrialization, or joint marketing The realization of industrialization is already a major trend in the children's products industry.


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