Simple five-point identification of true and false seed

Recently, many jade friends feel that the previous article used to identify whether there is a certain threshold and depth of the seed material. Many of the jade friends who just liked and jade could not understand it, so Mingyue found a relatively straightforward article. Through this article everyone According to the small series of China Jewelry Merchants Network, we will introduce you to the jade seed material identification.


First, live skin

It is naturally smashed in the river water after thousands of years of scouring. It will break into the color in the soft and loose place and deep into the texture in the cracked place. This skin color is very natural, called live skin. Its color is immersed in the jade, and the transition is natural. The texture of the skin and the meat is consistent. The color on the skin should be shallow and deep, and the color on the crack should be from shallow to deep. In fact, good jade is not long skin, even if there is, it is a little bit of a star, or in a small crack.

Second, dead skin

The fake skin is pretending to be a lot of material, and the second is to cater to the tendency of the love jade to love all kinds of skin color. The method of making fake leather is top secret, but it is said to use the dye dyed on the carpet, use the sponge to suck the dye, put the jade inside, and try to infiltrate. Most of the fake skin color raw materials are the same as the metal salt that the jade jade is exposed to in the natural environment, and most of them are jujube red skin. This kind of skin floats on the surface, the color is too bright, there is no transitional natural layering, and it is dry and not moisturized. The parts of the fake skin are in the loose place of jade, called dead skin. This skin color is easy to fade and fade when it is boiled with boiling water.

Third, rolling materials

Rolling materials that pretend to be used in the market are more common. Rolling material is a small piece of mountain material and even Qinghai material, Russian material, and jade jade material. It is placed in a roller machine and ground in an oval shape, much like a lot of material, and then dyed with fake skin. The counterfeiters even turned large chunks of mountain material into small pieces of polished material.

Fourth, sweat pores

Sweat pores are a surrogate here. Whether there is sweat pores is the real trick to identify true and false materials. The real abundance, no matter how delicate, its surface, there will be numerous small and dense pores, much like the pores on the skin of the human body. This surface phenomenon formed in the natural state is by no means artificially forged. It can be clearly seen under a ten-fold magnifying glass. It is very effective to use hair pores to identify true and false materials. Because there is a worn-out wear scar on the roller, a scratch on the road, and there is no "sweat pore" in the natural state.

Five, hardness

Hetian jade has a high hardness and a strong toughness. Hetian jade can cut glass without damage. For other jade, only quartzite jade can be scratched without damage. The water stone is often used to pretend to be the best sheep fat jade in Hetian jade. The sheep fat jade is the white color of the sheep fat, the water stone is the pale color; the sheep fat jade is the grease luster, the water stone is dry and the gloss is not good.

In addition, in the market or on the Internet, it is more common to use the skinless mountain material or Russian material, and the rice field is sold. The characteristic is white, but the jade is too watery, the transparency is too heavy, and the density and oil texture are not as good as the authentic and Tianzi jade.

In summary, the introduction of the method of distinguishing Hetian jade seed material, I believe you have some understanding, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network for more details.

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