"Fay-Fayee Feiyi" brand women settled in Mengcheng County, Anhui Province

Warmly celebrate the luxury women's brand "fay-Fayee fee according to " successfully settled in Mengcheng County, Anhui Province! Festive eye-catching red carpet, neat and orderly flower camp, romantic and fragrant rainbow arch, eyebrows face ... all for the arrival of Feiyi women feel cheerfully.

费依 - FAY FAYEE “fay-Fayee费依”品牌女装成功入驻安徽省蒙城县

Feiyi Women Mengcheng shop, since the signing, the owner has been busy, of course, Feiyi brand companies also specialize in market supervisors visit the store, to help shopkeepers to do the opening for the well-prepared. The company provides shop owners with a series of support such as shop decoration, staff training, shop management, opening and sales promotions, etc., so that the shopkeeper can save a lot of worries and concerns and help the new store to flourish. Look at this Mengcheng store opening posture, we know the owner and the market supervisor well!


Feiyi women's clothing store, stylish occupation, urban leisure, elegant dress and boutique accessories, such as the four series of clothing apparel display, each one by the women are designed fashion, exquisite fabrics, exquisite workmanship, perfect details, with rich. Distinctive personality and unparalleled excellent quality so that consumers are full of praise, it is bound to bring prosperity for the opening of the new store performance!


Feiyi women's clothing since its inception 14 years, has "captured" many women of all ages, and successfully march into the major cities in the country, Feiyi women certainly not only satisfied with this, Feiyi hope to have more franchisees to join , Sincere cooperation, cooperation and win-win, more fashion boutique to more women, beautiful spectrum, win-win brilliant tomorrow! If you are interested in Faye, then quickly move to join Faye women it!

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