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Buttons are also called buttons. One of the clothing accessories. Initially, it was used as a fastener dedicated to the opening of garments. With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, today's New Zealand has deducted its original connection function, and more embodies its decorative and beautifying functions. In many fashions, people can often see the likes of diamonds, gold-like diamonds, and colorful decorative buttons are in a wide range of forms, adding a new style and charm.


With the enhancement of button decoration function, all kinds of buttons are constantly appearing - many types, such as square, round, diamond, oval, leaf shape, as well as convex flower, concave flower, mosaic, inlay, wrapping, paint button and so on. According to the characteristics of the materials can be divided into four categories: synthetic material buttons, natural material buttons, button combinations and metal buttons and so on.

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Cotton Face/Hand Towel

cotton face/hand towel
Material:100% cotton
Regular size: 30*30cm,40*40cm,30*70cm,70*140cm and so on,welcome customized size
Weight:200gsm,260gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm or customized
Color:yellow,orange,green,brown,blue and so on
Logo:1.Imprinted logo 2. Embroidered 3.Jacquard/embossed logo
Towel factory:We are a professional towel manufacturer for more than 10 years

Cotton Face Towel,Cotton Hand Towel,Cotton White Hand Towel,Hotel Face Cotton Towel

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