MDF modern Fang Lin underwear for the first time to promote the brand in Guangzhou Television

- pocketed the female audience eye November 5, 2011 is a special day, MDF Modern Fong and Guangzhou radio and television, "Teacher Milk Forever OK" section came in close contact with the night MDF Modern Fang

- pocketed the female audience's attention

November 5, 2011 is a special day, MDF modern Fang and Guangzhou Radio and Television "housewife always OK" column came to a close contact that night MDF representatives of modern aryl and the audience in the "Guangzhou Arts Big Brother, The Ladykillers Nguyen Singapore Airlines "Led by a happy host to spend a happy night ,,,,,,


Live by the MDF Modern brand sponsorship program "Master milk forever OK," "Almighty Taipa hegemony" No. 100 night in the 600-square-meter studio in Guangzhou television live video. Hundreds of enthusiastic audiences from Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta gathered in the studio to watch the famous presenter, Guangzhou Arts Yi Ge and Shi Nian Xing Hang, the killer of milk, who presided over the program "Almighty Ally Taipa". Program, invited guests beautiful teacher milk show talent, personality. Successful men served as jury full participation, vote champion. Constellation experts live "look down fortune telling." Star teacher milk comment on foot. Won the champion won the million award. The program is new in style and witty. The field of jokes continued, in the assessment session, the company leaders personally took the stage to the invited guests beautiful division milk presented beautiful ring, the event to the climax.

He Sheng and guests photo

He Zongle always with the host photo

Watch wonderful shows together

Ray total with the guests photo

Team with the host photo

It is reported that the Guangzhou Radio and Television, "Teacher Milk Forever OK" section of the "Almighty too much hegemony war" is the only file in Guangdong Province for women to participate in the object, the male judges as the ace variety show. Program entertaining games, sports challenges, bonus prizes, and all the eye-catching elements as a whole. The program has now become the most popular variety show in the Pearl River Delta. Fixed-point broadcast on the radio and television in Guangzhou Sunday evening the most prime time 21:15 and Saturday prime time 11: 30-12: 30 broadcast. At the same time in Guangzhou, Taiwan's mobile channel bus TV prime prime time rolling broadcast; Pearl Broadband dedicated on-demand channel; wide network simultaneous broadcast; audiences can watch on demand at any time.
As a product of women's lingerie , sponsoring such television programs is
another innovative promotion mode for MDF Modern Brands aimed at target consumers. On the evening of the program, the prominent MDF modern billboards have caused widespread concern among the female audience in the scene. All of them said Be sure to go to MDF Modern Fang Lingerie shop to see. Even the host and invited guests have a strong interest in MDF modern underwear. For a time, MDF Modern Fong caused a small sensation in the evening show scene! ! !

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