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Every child is the most "little play skin" for parents and mothers. They are also the softest pointes in their hearts. It is their natural mission to take care of their own "playful skin." French prancing (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd._ Southwest Branch - a professional children's apparel brand marketing company. Founded in 2007, after several years of development and growth, has developed into a multi-brand integrated operation, a variety of business models at the same time healthy operation of the marketing agency. Has been covering major markets in Southwest stores, shopping malls and other multi-scale terminal outlets. And it has produced very good economic benefits and market influence. Wanted Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Guizhou and other regions franchisee. The company pursues: to protect the interests of customers joined the first principle! Commitment: Let the customer make money! The company has advanced management system, the implementation of network-wide management, full management of terminal sales. At the same time the implementation of generous support policies: 1, containers presented; 2, all returned goods; 3, the entire sales training; 4, software donations; 5, high target rewards and so on. Let customers invest less, earn more, the risk is smaller! Since the founding of the company from the date of the "love of children, customer service, win-win and mutually beneficial" faith, with integrity integrity, dedication and dedication to work attitude, and all franchisees, partners to share wealth feast! Wonderful life begins with a beautiful childhood! Southwest Branch Address: (Sichuan) East Second Road, Chengdu City, No. 4 Jia Hao Fortune Lotus 8th floor (Yunnan) Kunming City, the new snail Bay International Trade City Warehouse 16 Building, 5th Floor

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