Follow the R100 children's wear into the new fashion zone

What is fashion? Fashion is not like people, nor is it purposely Funny. Fashion is an attitude, is a personal expression. R100 children's wear closely follow the international fashion trend, keen insight into fashion trends, well-designed with superior fabric, to the children the latest and trendiest fashion wearing experience! Modern pursuit of sports, sports and health as the fashion. R100 children's clothing also encourage children to go out to exercise, good physical exercise in order to better study and life. Therefore, the product selection of fabrics, a special selection of cotton fabric, soft, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, both to protect the health of children's skin, but also give children the largest free-space. R100 Children's Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lan Bo children's wear, fashion, novelty, health, flowers for the blossoming youth sportswear market added a new beautiful landscape, for the healthy growth of children to provide a careful care and love. Welcome to the majority of children's clothing franchisee calls, the communication to discuss cooperation, discuss the wealth of a better tomorrow!


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