Youngor: get involved in high-end clothing did not take place in 2011

As China's largest men's brand, Younger has long been the industry leader, but the market in the eyes of the company is not a single garment enterprises, according to its third quarter, real estate business to provide 37.5% of its revenue, while equity investment in the industry There is also depth of involvement. In the real estate industry is becoming increasingly icy, the economic environment is getting cold now, the company's main business development? Investment in the real estate business is difficult? In the future the main industry and sideline will be how to position? With these problems The reporter visited Ningbo Youngor Company headquarters on December 5. Garment is always the main industry Youngor is located in Ningbo Yin County Avenue, Fenghua River, from the administrative building, exhibition hall and VIP building complex composed of more than marble, magnificent, after ten years, without the slightest mark of the years, far You can see the sun reflected by the dome of the rotunda. Accompanied by staff from Youngor Securities Department, the reporter visited some of the company's production workshops. Huge shirt production workshop, the roar of the machine thousands of machines work together, the scene shock. Shirt production is broken down into hundreds of processes, assembly line production. Cloth in accordance with the various parts of the crop is cut, distributed to the various lines, many of the processes are automatically sent to the mechanical boom to complete the workers to complete a process, the transfer hanger will automatically take it to the next step. In the overall splicing is completed after the next rack for ironing, testing and other processes. Obviously in the suit shop can see a lot of process increases, according to Feng Juan introduction, the suit has more than 400 production processes, many processes are also rely on semi-automatic mechanical boom completed. In the workshop there is a rest room where workers rest and drink water, and workers are free to walk around, drink water, and make phone calls. They are busy but have their own time. According to Feng Jun, deputy manager of securities introduced, work schedule is day shift, the wages of workers from the basic wage plus piecework wages, more than 2,000 yuan per month, there are bonus by the end of the year. She also disclosed that recruiting is not difficult every year. In the conference room overlooking Fenghua River, the reporter learned from the management of the company's secretaries one by one on a series of issues including the operation of the company. When asked whether the company's clothing, real estate and investment business is sorted, Youngor Propaganda Department Manager Yu Cheng said: "We have always been based on the apparel industry, there is no sort of problem, we want Youngor to become A century-old brand in the apparel industry, and an international brand, and we have invested so much in the apparel industry over the years that it is less attractive for the industry because of the industry's lack of explosive growth like real estate and investment. "Clothing The construction of the industry's channels is of crucial importance. According to Liu Xinyu, the company's general manager, the Company continued to exert its power in the construction of garment business channels while strengthening its brand name. However, it has already departed from the heavy and heavy wilderness stage and has shifted its focus to the development of self- Camp store. As of the third quarter of this year, the company has a total of 2194 terminals, of which 531 self-owned stores, shopping malls 1242, franchising 421. Franchise to reduce more. 531 self-service stores, 185 are purchased by themselves. 25 new self-operated stores, 84 additional shopping malls counters and 60 fewer franchisees. Sales of self-operated stores have reached 80%, much higher than other domestic counterparts. Since the self-operated shops in commercial lots, business area, decoration design has many requirements, so the cost is much higher than the franchisee. Even so, the company is still focused on the development of self-operated stores. Self-operated stores can quickly understand consumer preferences and product sales or not, you can in the fastest time on the production and sales adjustments, while self-support stores can reduce the turnover of goods and funds, the above factors integrated Self-operated stores up "flat" (profit / store area) is much higher than the franchisee. The global financial crisis has caused difficulties for many businesses but also provided Younger with an opportunity to integrate internally. In 2009, the company consolidated many of its subsidiaries into two groups, namely Apparel Holdings and Home Ownership Holdings. Benefit from the long-term development of the two major industries and enhance their ability to resist risks. On November 7, the Company, with a quoted price of 886 million Hong Kong Dollars and taking Singapore Singapore International as its main body, intends to recover 14 stakes in Ningbo Youngor Shirt Co., Ltd. from the related party Zou International Limited. This is precisely the company to increase investment in the apparel business initiatives. Into the high-end and fashion market To enhance the brand's radiation, Youngor brand design has made a big change. In addition to the original official men's wear, respectively, focusing on high-end, fashion and European and American style of the new brand. Mainly young and trendy GY brand shines, the series is clearly different from the previous Youngor gave the impression of traditional strict, adding a lot of young elements, with more color, decorated with metal ornaments, or hip-hop avant-garde Mix and match, or light and concise casual dress ... ... Feng Juan introduction, the positioning of the brand will be younger than Youngor, 25-35-year-old crowd, the Japanese W-GAME company design team to complete the version of the design. The company's high-end line by the "MAYOR" to achieve, "MAYOR" Chinese means "mayor" is dedicated to the executive public officers of the high-end brands. Mainly to provide customized services to customers, there are a small amount of clothing production, the way clubs operate by the professional cutting division to measure customer physical parameters, but also to accept the customer to the franchise stores in the customization to meet the individual needs of the guests Embroidery on the special character floral decoration, a set of clothing from custom to ready-made clothing takes about 20 days. A set of clothing, including shirts, suits, trousers, coats, vests, dresses and so on. Operation and Italy, France, some well-known clothing stores custom. In addition, the company acquired the sales agent in Greater China of American brand Hart Schaffner Marx. Feng Juan introduced the brand by Youngor OEM, most of the design also by Youngor completed. And the brand is the favorite of Obama During the election period, Obama is wearing Hart Max everywhere speech, after his election, the 120-year-old clothing brand in the United States hot. There are also British-style brand "CEO." In addition to clothing styles, but also in fabric innovation, Younger and the PLA General Research and Development Han Ma family series, one of the "high-hemp double-Mercerized knitted natural multi-functional fabrics," was included in the 2011 national key new product plans, And won the key support funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology, to fill the domestic blank. This is a blended fabric made of hemp and silk or cotton. It has cool and breathable hemp but eliminates the harsh and punctured edges of hemp fabric, giving the fabric a delicate, soft texture. HANP Living Hall, which is made from new-style pajamas, bathrobes, underwear and other apparel and household products, is available under the brand name "HANP". As these new products are not available for a long time, they have not been sold nationwide yet. However, the core flagship stores in key cities and capital cities have already been exhibited and sold. For example, the 5,000-square-meter flagship store on the Bund No.1 in Shanghai Beijing Dongdan 1000 square meters of flagship stores and so on. In addition, some large shopping malls also have sales of containers. According to the plan, in the future each brand will have an independent store, especially the high hopes of "MAYOR", in 2010 began to open stores in some key cities.

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