From the pot to the new year inventory of white-collar annual gifts

Recently, an e-mail has spread widely in the cubicle. It is said that a company's annual gift is to send a whole table of people to “TeamBuilding” abroad. It is actually a public tour. Made everyone saliva DC, envy and envy.

At the same time, at the same time, a friend who had made an administrative call and asked other companies for gifts at the annual conference. "Our company IPOD has been pumping for a few years and half of them have..."

What kind of annual gifts are the best choices, and what are the problems? We have collected some "people's opinions."

Creative prizes are sometimes trapped newly-married male colleagues love pot gold ** Software company staff Our company once had a prize at the annual meeting, is a set of imported pots. In fact, the prize is not bad. The market price also needs to be more than 1,000 yuan, but it is a bit out of place for companies like us who are mostly single. Therefore, when the host shouted that “the prize for the third-prize prize was a pot set of xxx cards,” the audience was disappointed and no one heard what number she was reporting. Finally, there were two pots unclaimed. The host simply announced the on-site gift, and whoever liked to go for it.

When a male colleague comes on stage, everyone laughs and laughs - the man is about to marry, and it is said that on the day of the purchase of "dowry", his wife-in-law had a half-day drooling in the department store against this "boiling steamed fried all-around magic weapon." , but unfortunately too expensive, he was dragged away. This is just right, take it to honor her!

With the boss to enter the New Year's dinner Mr. Liu daily necessities company staff last year we draw, the grand prize is the New Year's Eve. As a result, this 3,000 yuan prize was drawn by me.

The beginning is still very rejoicing - a good five-star hotel. Who knows the scene, I immediately stupid - the table next door, is the company owner, then the table next door, is the boss's boss. The boss saw me and smiled. The owner’s boss heard that there was an employee with a big prize. He deliberately moved to shake hands with me. The funny thing is that, halfway through the meal, my mother asked me seriously. I would hesitate for the bosses to respect the wine. I was hesitated for a long time. I always felt a little weird... and we ate half, and the two bosses had planned to withdraw. I must inevitably pass the greetings again. Finally, I brought the bosses to the elevators. It was a good meal and it was really uncomfortable to eat!

The boss's toy is the "boss machine"

The annual award for Mr. Zhou’s food company staff company is generally a digital product of RMB 3,000 to RMB 4,000. At this time, our technical department will be called by the young girl from the administrative department to a meeting to suggest what the grand prize will buy.

So our company’s digital product award is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Like IPOD, it has just come out in the early two years and our company has bought it. Fortunately, IPOD does not stop new products, and it always wins the expected scream. Last year, we strongly recommended the purchase of Microsoft's new X-Box. The female colleagues in the Administration Department were utterly dizzy with us and were included in the gift list. Who knows to hand over to the boss, the boss first asked: "What is the X-Box?"

Colleagues stuttered and explained for a long time, the boss suddenly realized: "Isn't it a game machine? Do not not! At least to buy everyone you can understand the prize, right?" Fainted!

However, this year, our proposal is expected to be achieved - the latest PDA phone. A while ago, I moved to change my mobile phone activities. Our head just mentioned this matter when I had lunch with my boss. The boss immediately asked him to help sort out the machine. The PDA phone is a new product, looks cool, powerful, and can send and receive E-mail anytime, anywhere, is very appetite for the boss. But only he alone is not lonely? As a result, the middle company of the company recently changed to one. We also took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and strongly demanded that the Administration Department purchase “boss machines” to make prizes.

The Administration Department had no opinion, but it was allegedly complained by colleagues from other departments: "Is there any mistake? If you get it, you must not play the E-Mail game with your boss at any time!"

Some refreshing new ideas are worth learning from. It is only possible that this honey, his **, or hidden behind the unexpected trap.

No brains, people are spurned. It seems that many people are complaining about company tips. At the annual meeting, they either have to use the company's products to fill in, or simply buy some foolish gifts that people don't care about. In fact, the budget cannot determine everything. If you want to get everyone's favor, the key is to use more brains.

Fools camera fools to play...

Du ** Advertising company staff last year at our company's annual meeting, the small prize pumped 30 people at a time, the prize is a brand point and shoot camera plus film, is said to be a gift from a customer at the time of the event, was not used up at that time, the boss instructions Used for annual prizes. The person he received looked in disgust. One guy responded quickly and opened it on the spot to serve as an amateur photographer on the site of the convention. He took a picture of him to the left and shot him with a grin.

The first plan has been pulled out by others, and we always have no good effect. We can only go home. But this year, everyone has a digital camera, who is still happy to play with a fool film machine? My share was lost at home and it was taken out before the move. The film was out of date and had to be thrown away. Most of the other colleagues took it to the children of their relatives to play. The most funny thing is that a colleague took homage to his mother and ended up using it in morning exercises. The aunts were all elated and swayed Pose to the camera. As a result, my co-worker's mother became a social circle expert...

Rather than go to Chengdu, Europe does not go yellow ** Airline staff annual company to our annual meeting, the prize is always a lot of air tickets and hotels, we heard no appetite.

The company always runs the European line, so the first prize and second prize are of course replaced by European tickets and hotels. But everybody has to go several times every year because of the working relationship. It seems that all the sights are there. Everyone hopes to win a big prize. Only our company, everyone prays silently, don't get big prizes.

Some of the prizes were flights and hotels, but the line was replaced by Southeast Asia. Being in the tourism industry, people generally don’t spend money on travel, so Southeast Asians, where most people have gone so well, are very popular with us. In the next two years, Southeast Asia has disappeared and Chengdu, Xinjiang, and other domestic routes have been adopted. We don't open domestic routes, but we can replace them with peers or buy them at a 25% discount.

The prizes that followed were very "scratching" - the company's aircraft model was one. The people who are drawn laugh more ugly than they cry. Everyone had secretly hoped that no prizes would be drawn - the "Sunshine" award is a $100 transportation card, and it would be a good idea to use it.

Last year, because everyone complained too much, the company also went to the point of sponsorship and made some replacements. As a result, the biggest prize was replaced by a brand name purse that is said to be worth more than 3,000 yuan. When you take a look at your hand, it is hard to see that you are going to die. Facing the colleagues who had swarmed past and looked at the diorama, the little girl who had won the "grand prize" said earnestly: "If you like it, go and take it, really!" Everyone shrugged and everyone was uninterested, then they dispersed themselves. .

Affordable and always popular 6 movie ticket changeover humidifier Lin** ** accounting firm administration refer to my years of experience in purchasing annual prizes, in young single men and women are mostly companies, large and small appliances is actually the most popular.

In the past, what was most sought after was a “little prodigy” washing machine. When the owner signed the bill, he nodded frequently to this item.

Once I had a 25-inch color TV set, my colleagues were even more interested. This thing, everyone likes, single young people who rent their own apartment are willing to throw away the old color TV provided by the landlord, and married colleagues may wish to be in the restaurant. Even one more in the bathroom. And it is not expensive, but more than a thousand yuan, it really benefits and does not cost.

In addition, small appliances such as electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, juicers, and massagers are also very useful because they are practical.

On one occasion, there was a humidifier in the final prize, a female colleague did not get anything, only got 2 movie tickets for “sunshine,” she added another 4 movie tickets and used them for a humidification. Device. Although the effect of this thing is not significant, but it has to create moisture at the desk, the psychological feeling is completely different.

Standing on the position of our executives and seeing the prizes that they purchase are so sought after, of course, a great sense of accomplishment!

A goods Gucci work package Mr. Lu public relations company staff up to last year, our company has not been a lucky draw to say that everything is a "big pot of rice" - the budget leveled to everyone, about 200 yuan. The Department of Administration has changed its life every year, and it is hoped that everyone will like it.

Over the past few years, we have issued transportation cards, supermarket coupons, mobile phone cards, beauty coupons, and so on. All the tokens we can find in this city have been sent by us. Everyone feels a bit uninteresting.

Do not know whether it was the incentive of the winners to be indifferent. Last year, the administrative department finally launched a new surprise – a black leather bag.

This bag looks really good, the cortex is OK, and the company's Logo is intimately embroidered in the corner with dark lines. A question only knows that this package is to find suppliers customized, refuted from Gucci. Although it can be seen at a glance as "A cargo," it can be carried away. As we are holding a lot of information every day to run outside, the back is not bad nor feel bad.

Since such "illegal" tricks have been made out, this year, the Ministry of Administration is really trying harder and harder, so the company has issued new regulations and the annual meeting has changed into a lucky draw - the budget is actually the same, but everyone's expectations are much higher.

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