Chu Weiwei: French modern elegant light fashion, interpretation of the new urban life of women


TRUVIVI Chu Weiwei brand name from the French name transliteration "Vivian", designed for a gentle elegant, caring women groups exist. They are 25-35 years old, preferring fashion, literature and art, imagery and European style. Their penetrating power and spirituality are reflected in the values ​​of love and elegance in modern culture. Exaggerated color concept, simple and elegant lines, chic hand-sewn and accurate tailoring is TRUVIVI most touched women's place. It also emphasizes the theme of the series and multiple collocation, rich variety of models for a variety of occasions, the choice of the modern metropolitan women will be elegant and elegant pursuit of fashion full interpretation of the characteristics.


TRUVIVI is the representative brand of ladies Currently in North China market, Southwest Market, Shandong market performance is very prominent, located in the 25-35 young Shu and Dashu between the classic fashion style, the style is currently in the market competitive advantage obvious , Brand products in the fashion of the tone, without losing the usefulness of classic, style with strong, rich version, much market recognition! Inferior brand-oriented market has just started to develop, market awareness is not high, but also play a role in the sudden emergence of a new market category, to fill the current market Shu women 's market segments vacancies and Innovation Psychology.

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