"Weidelong Ding Shang" men's underwear brand 2013 spring and summer new conference ended successfully

September 18 afternoon, Zhongshan City, Choi Yi Garment Co., Ltd. under the "Weidelong Ding Shang" men's underwear brand 2013 spring and summer new conference was kicked off. Many industry leaders, media, agents, suppliers and guests attended the event. Mr. Chen Deqiang, chairman of the board delivered a speech at the meeting, reviewed the company's development course all the way, thanked all the partners for their joint efforts, pointed out the next pioneering and innovative development path.


Zhongshan City, Cai Yi Garment Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Deqiang

In 2012, following the strong sales momentum of last year, "Weidelong DingShang" achieved a good sales result against the backdrop of the market downturn thanks to the management team of the Company for building a high-rise market, Starting from the research and development of channels and categories, it has strengthened its channel broadening and management capabilities and invested heavily in the development of a full range of products. Under the premise of underwear, children's underwear, conventional underwear, socks, and other products are enriched Line, but also enhance the terminal's sales.

The move received a positive response from distributors throughout the country during the dealer meeting held in Beijing in March 2012. Its order volume reached a new historical height and laid the foundation for the sales volume increase in 2012, The company's booking sales target.


The spring and summer 2013 new conference revolved around the theme of "Chinese style and national sentiments". Taking Chinese culture as the point of appeal, the quintessence of Chinese culture was deduced from the themes of Chinese ink painting, blue and white porcelain, bronze ware and Chinese folk myths. Brand Designers Introduced Design Breakthrough of 2013 "Weidelong · Ding Shang" - With the demand of agents and spring / summer 2013 trends, we have exited a series of bright color products such as candy colors to meet the needs of young and energetic consumer groups demand. At the same time in process design excellence, introduced a few go in the forefront of the industry technology, and strive for perfection in detail.

Conference, the new style of diversification, diversification of design so that the audience amazed, "Weidelong Ding Shang" has been out of a simple men's underwear category, into the brand positioning of the "men's underwear" areas.

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