Comfort flat shoes domineering decoration allows you to be more avant-garde

This site September 26 hearing, many people will feel flat shoes is a sweet woman's favorite, but not all, this season's flat shoes have a different style, you can see, many domineering rivets, metal pieces Elements such as animal prints appear on flat shoes and are very individualistic. This domineering decoration makes the shoes more avant-garde and cool, and it completely lets you show different styles.

Lacquer small leather shoes, can match a variety of styles, really is good-looking and practical

Lacquer small leather shoes, can match a variety of styles, is really good-looking and practical, the configuration of the three-dimensional rivets of the four corners is very eye-catching, the texture of the paint synthetic leather, the gloss is very beautiful.

Followed by a leopard-printed, light-edged flats with a pointed design and a beautiful silhouette

Followed by a leopard-print design, the shallow-mouthed flats are pointed and beautifully designed. They are lightweight, comfortable, and wear long skirts and leggings.

Leopard print color casual shoes, color is suitable for autumn, shallow mouth flat bottom section

Leopard print color casual shoes, the color is very suitable for autumn, shallow flat bottom section, especially comfortable to wear. The leopard stitching of the lip shape of the toe of the toe is very domineering and sexy.

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