Story Marketing Makes Your Brand More Attractive

"See other people's stories and keep their tears." This is the true resonance of hundreds of millions of netizens.

“What is the easiest way to make money in the world today? Making stories at home, going out to tell stories, and telling people to sell stories.” This is the “genus” widely circulated in the marketing industry today.

Everyone is willing to read articles with more storylines, moving plots, and ready-to-go images. Story is the most recent material from the human mind. It is the most effective tool for opening people’s hearts and the main form of human communication. .

“The story has a natural attraction.” This principle was engraved in our minds when we were young. When we were young, most of our understanding of things came from stories told by others. We knew beautiful love through Cinderella. “The Haier Brothers” Instilled in us the scientific knowledge that humans have accumulated in development. Therefore, at the young age, the story has entered the subconscious mind of human beings, making humans still have a soft spot for the story in adulthood. The story effect in the marketing community remains unstoppable.

Zippo tells the story of the product, it is a lighter and the story of countless American warriors, so many men with Warriors complex will take zippo as a carry-on item; LV tells the story of corporate growth, it is a small leather craftsman to become a royal favorite, and then For the popular stories, so many people eager to exalted for this huge sum of money; Levis tells the story in the ad, it is a sexy man and beauty wearing levis jeans story, so the fashionista said: There is no levis in the closet, Don't talk about fashion with us...

When consumers purchase products, they will collect a lot of product-related information through the book network. According to the survey, 85% of customers will be more inclined to share the experience of other customers, so as to determine their own purchasing behavior. From this we can see that there is a great deal of room for consumer awareness of the brand. The story is the most direct and effective tool for human thinking.

Tiffany's breakfast

In 1961, according to the adaptation of Truman Capote's novels, “The Breakfast of Tiffany” starring Hollywood famous actress Audrey Hepburn swept the world and became a classic in American movies. The appearance of Tiffany in the film, Make this world-class jewelry store's noble style spread all over the world. Many people are still fresh and impressed by Audrey Hepburn, who is holding a bagel and staring at the glass window of Tiffany. The girl who admires vanity from the countryside dreams of having Tiffany's jewelry. One day you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast in a noble jewelry shop. Not only was Hepburn, who had dumped the world in a black dress, but the world did not know how many girls were attracted by this attractive jewelry. For Audrey Hepburn's obsession, entering the Tiffany store is a dream. Not for anything else, just to see the jewellery that Hollywood glamour beauty once had on the screen, looking at the purity and beauty 45 years ago. Until half a century later, Audrey’s everlasting smile in “Tiffany's Breakfast” still remained in Tiffany stores around the world: she was dressed in a slender black coat with a fake jewelry necklace on her neck. Holding a bagel, staring at the world in the glass window: This is a world with real jewelry necklaces and Tiffany breakfast, a happier, more luxurious, more beautiful world. Although women who hang around in the jewelry store have already been transferred from Audrey’s peers to grandchildren or even grandchildren, although the Allure Beauty and Allure Jewelry will gradually fade away, the film gradually fades, and the Iraqis return to the West. But this dream, The world's most charismatic breakfast will be passed on from generation to generation.

A brand with a story can have market centripetal force. The biggest key point for marketing is to find ways to guide the audience's emotions and make them behave. How to guide the audience's emotions is the simplest and most effective way - to tell a beautiful story. Introducing story-based communication in brand communication, through the strong appeal of the storyline to gain the attention and resonance of the target audience, and even touched them. After the target audience likes the brand story, they remember and like the brand through the “love house and the Ukrainian” approach.

Doido's Fingerprint Ring

In the 18th century in Europe, lettering and carving names on the wedding ring became a moment of time. There is a French nobleman, Browning, who fell in love with an aristocrat. In order to express his love and commitment when preparing for marriage, he decided to engrave something on the ring and represent himself, he thought. Your own fingerprint. However, due to technical limitations, many court jewelry designers told him not to do it. Finally, he found a jeweler who told him that he could try it on a silver ring. When the jeweler put the soft, red-hot ring in front of him, the aristocrat pressed hard. Although he must endure a moment of pain, Browning expressed his eternal love for his lover. So Mrs Browning became the first person to wear a fingerprint ring. A few days after more than 200 years, the Doido people again reappeared this classic, and after research and development, brought this ancient French craft to China and officially launched Doido's unique fingerprint wedding ring. Let the wedding ring bring the lover's breath, traces and thoughts to the lover, not only unique, but also engraved promise, life guard!

Doido did not put the emotional significance of fingerprints directly into the eyes of readers. Instead, it directly gave way to the role of the fingerprint ring to the love story of the host. Once the beautiful love story was successfully created, the story itself became even a fingerprint invisible. Live advertising. What Doido wants to say is not a pure love story, nor a simple choice of fingerprints or products, but rather the expression of the fingerprints as a vehicle for the uniqueness and commitment of love.

The story tells the truth of marketing, not only because the story is easy to understand, lively, and easy to circulate. It is very popular for people. What's more, it contains profound meaning and wisdom. On the contrary, the theory of marketing is hard and dogmatic, theoretically strong, and abstract in content, making people difficult to understand and sleepy. The story provides a quick association space that is much more effective than a rational narrative. It links directly to human emotions. Regardless of the truth of these stories, the plot of these stories alone can become a legendary drama that attracts the public's attention. With this kind of storytelling, the reputation of the brand depends on people’s emotional resonance and word of mouth communication. If you go away, if you can't sell your products, you're worried. If the jewelry industry's brand communication is similar to the story of Doido fingerprint or Tiffany, it is believed that the increase in the popularity of the jewelry brand will be incalculable. Our jewellery brand will change from an "unknown actor" to a "star-won and glamorous star". The brand's popularity, reputation, and influence will all be incalculable and it will gradually become a high brand value. And the real "brand star" that can compete with international jewelry brands.

In short, story marketing is not only a marketing tool, but also the core and soul of brand building. Story marketing can promote the rapid growth of the brand, make the brand more humane, make people understand the story while communicating with the brand in depth; story marketing will promote the sales of the product, add a kind of aura to the product, resulting in Certain added value makes people more sensible to spend. And cultivate customer loyalty.

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