It is very important to prevent locust breeding in the summer.

Aphids, everyone should be no stranger, mites are one of the most wanted substances to be removed in Baoyan skin care, but locusts are always around us, want to really remove them, it feels very difficult, only the maintenance work is usually done. We can really achieve the purpose of removing mites.

Wardrobe anti-mite principle:

1. The wardrobe is classified and sorted according to the dressing season and frequency of the clothes;

2. Appropriate use of the overall fit of the storage box to prevent insects and moisture;

3, the clothes corners should be wiped regularly to keep the wardrobe clean and dry.

Second, the bedding is changed regularly

The regular change of bedding is a headache for many people, trivial, boring and must be done regularly. For whatever reason, we always make excuses to delay. As a result, the bacteria and aphids on the sheets and pillows were fully propagated, and skin problems appeared.

Bedding flood control principle:

1. Change the wash regularly, usually once every half month;

2, after the cleaning, it is necessary to expose the sun to prevent sterilization.

3. After drying, store and dry and transparent environment for next use.

Summer is coming, everyone may wish to use their hands to take out the clothes in the closet and let the high temperature kill the mites in the clothes, then store them in the closet, and make the wardrobe a comprehensive cleaning, effectively contain The growth of locusts is no longer worried about the impact of locusts on us.

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