NO.19 (Garden Street on the 19th) brand women give you a wealth year

No. 19 ( Garden Street, 19 ) brings together the arts and fashion, concerned about the quality and beauty of the spirit.

No.19 (Garden Street, No. 19) is inspired by artists from around the world, bloggers, street fashion, etc., casting No.19 (Garden Street 19) "fast & fashion" concept, designers from the arts and culture Environmental perspective of fashion, showing a unique taste.

NO19 (Garden Street 19) pursuit of "fast fashion" dress style, to reflect the independent women "bold, lively" character, avant-garde mix and match, gorgeous colors, multi-angle flashed young women's fashion personality. Reflects the new new human life-loving, independent and free attitude to life.


NO.19 (Garden Street, No. 19) from elegant and stylish OL loaded pure and sweet princess dress, the company a number of senior designers to absorb the latest international fashion trends, Japan and South Korea through the popular mix and match style, creating a colorful, popular Avant-garde, youthful and colorful costumes.

NO.19 (Garden Street on the 19th) Fashion Girl brings together the global fashion elements, advocating a variety of dressing, the pursuit of the art of life, blooming life wonderful.

Company Name: Star City International (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong Industrial Zone, Shui Yuntou Star City International Building

Merchants Hotline: Mr. Stone

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