Do not like to wear pants how to do one-piece dress easy to get summer dress up

More and more do not like to wear pants, and feel uncomfortable always have to worry about how to dress, dress is the summer favorite style, easy to wear simple, most importantly, with the rookie, as long as one -piece can get the whole body, but also get a lot of praise!

Figure: elegant time women 2014 new

This summer, let himself out of the shackles of black and white ash, a lemon yellow sleeveless dress to become the focus of shine. Simple version gave up any decoration, even so still be able to achieve the desired effect, waist design can cover a small belly Oh.

不喜欢穿裤装怎么办 one-piece连衣裙轻松搞定夏日装扮

Figure: elegant time women 2014 new

Good shape of women, tight fabric should be more like it, it can be your body more attractive package. The black and mustard green hit color mosaic, the most eye-catching street visual color, sleeveless, including buttocks are tailored for you.

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