Summer rich printing single product printing dress printing kit which your favorite

Printing as an enduring fashion circle clothing elements, the development has evolved a more vivid colors and lines! In this bright summer, full of novelty elements of an endless stream of flowers, flowers are naturally essential, the summer fruit is also a warm attitude boarded the fashion, these fun-rich printing to bring you a new season of dress ideas! Manuel Slava Women summer new, warm fruit printing, landscape printing, or exquisite jacquard fabrics, can add more beauty for your summer pattern, models continue the classic H and X version of the color with more fresh Rich; apart from the delicate summer dress, the up and down with the more the possibility of more, shorts + shorts, polite, blouse + skirt, playful cute! Which one is your favorite?

Wide harness dress with a simple model with passion fruit printing, so simple to get rich, fit the body is very thin lines, just the right length of the skirt to stretch the leg lines, let you slim!

Manuel Slava season romantic, full of refined patterns of marine elements and fashion combined with the life of the sea as a source of inspiration, interesting sea of ​​horses, unique shape of the conch, decorative printing, showing a rich marine style!

Unique summer style printing is the season's hot element, in the form of a package is a new choice of fashionistas! This yellow print set in addition to printing without extra complicated decoration, a simple vest with a refreshing skirt, up and down with more changes and levels, bringing a rich visual sense! In addition, you can also collide with other single product more fresh with the program!

夏季丰富印花单品 印花连衣裙印花套装哪款你最爱

Printing patterns are not random piling, pattern design, color matching will give the fashion to bring distinctive temperament! This season printing inspiration from the natural world, full of original color prints directly on the fashion!

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