Occupational poisonings occur in leather goods workshops

Recently, the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions held a publicity and education mobilization meeting and publicity and consultation activities for “preventing occupational hazards and ensuring the well-being of employees”. The reporter learned from the event that since the end of last year, the suspected occupational acute poisoning in the city mainly occurred in some unlicensed and unlicensed cases. Shoes, leather processing and other private small workshops. Therefore, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions called on the government departments to intensify the investigations and bans, and at the same time reminded the majority of migrant workers that they should not enter unscrupulous small workshops that do not sign labor contracts or labor protection measures for their own health and life safety. Without enterprise work, it is necessary to work in units with complete business licenses in order to better prevent occupational hazards at work.

Sources of Occupational Poisoning are Cleared from the Source It is reported that the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions organized a special campaign to prevent occupational poisoning in the theme of “preventing occupational hazards and safeguarding workers’ well-being” from mid-February 2012 to the end of June 2012. In accordance with the requirements of the “Together face to face, close to each other, and practically serving employees at the grassroots level”, trade union cadres went deep into industrial parks, urban villages, and places where migrant workers gather, and distributed publicity materials for prevention and treatment of occupational diseases compiled by the municipal federation of trade unions, including the promotion of occupational diseases. "Prevention and Control Law" playing cards, propaganda booklets for prevention of occupational poisoning, posters for publicity, etc. During the publicity activities, the district and county-level trade unions will also organize university student volunteers and union coordinators to intensify the occupational poisoning industry in more concentrated industrial parks and communities to carry out propaganda activities to prevent occupational poisoning knowledge, and to prevent and prosecute employees on the front line of production. Occupational poisoning knowledge.

On the day of the activity consultation, the organizer organized an exhibition on occupational disease prevention and control, conducted consultation activities, distributed publicity materials, and broadcasted promotional videos on occupational disease prevention and control. The on-site consultation reached more than a thousand people. Experts asked employees about what is occupational disease, what is occupational disease hazard, what is acute occupational poisoning of dichloroethane, what is benzene poisoning, classification of occupational disease, and what occupational health rights the worker enjoys. Propaganda, more than 5,000 promotional materials were distributed on site.

The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions called on the relevant government departments to resolutely ban unlicensed and unlicensed small businesses and small workshops, eliminate the root causes of occupational poisoning from the source, and supervise the holding enterprises to strengthen labor protection and occupational disease prevention and control, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Since the end of last year, suspected occupational acute poisoning in Guangzhou has mainly occurred in private small workshops such as shoemaking and leather processing that are unlicensed and unlicensed. The relevant government departments must comply with the relevant requirements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and Three companies without licenses, no licenses, no fixed business premises, etc., have conducted inspections. At the same time, it calls on all sectors of the society to actively report these three companies through reports, telephone calls, e-mail, etc. The relevant law enforcement agencies of the government should resolutely ban unlicensed and unlicensed small workshops, and eliminate the source of occupational poisoning at the source.

Workers' knowledge lacks the scene of rights protection and ineffectiveness. The person-in-charge of a company is concerned about how to do a good job of safe production and how to prevent the harm of occupational diseases. What workers care more about is how to protect their own health rights and interests. In the middle of the factory, there are common problems such as weak awareness of self-protection and lack of legal knowledge. After being harmed by occupational diseases or accidents, some factories often seek solutions in a “private” manner without considering the legal approaches, which brings many complications.

The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions reminded the general staff and workers to constantly improve their awareness and ability to prevent occupational diseases. When their legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, they must learn to take the initiative in rights protection, rights protection in accordance with the law, and scientific rights protection. For those migrant workers who have not yet found a job, for their own health and life safety, do not go to work in small companies, small workshops and other places where there is no license, no labor contract, no labor protection measures, and so on. In order to obtain employment for units with complete qualification certificates, the only way to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

At the site of the event, the experts “weapons” for the majority of workers: To further strengthen the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and safeguard the workers’ own health rights and interests, laborers should learn and master relevant occupational health knowledge, such as working in workplaces with relatively noisy noises. Need to wear earplugs, work in dusty workplaces need to wear dust masks, in the process of using glue and other toxic and hazardous chemicals to keep windows open for ventilation, and wear a dedicated gas mask. According to the relevant requirements for prevention and control of occupational diseases, at least one physical examination is required every year for toxic and hazardous workers. If the physical examination results show that the body is abnormal due to occupational hazards, it is necessary to further search for the cause, so that early detection, early examination, early treatment, and occupational hazards are found. As well as potential accidents, they should promptly seek help from relevant departments to safeguard their own rights and interests. The enterprise is mainly for laborers who want to create working environments and conditions that meet the national occupational health standards, and take measures to ensure that workers receive occupational health protection. They should establish and improve the responsibility system for occupational disease prevention, strengthen the management of occupational disease prevention, and raise the level of occupational disease prevention. Only in this way can we safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

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