Clothing Weihuo "breakout"

Having suffered a “shameless” refund, “I’m just mad at myself. Such a big company has lost its reputation and has not had any credit at all.” Wu, the owner of a foreign clothing brand, said that after a well-known foreign company cooperated with him through a third party , Under the 500,000 US dollars of clothing orders, but the original experience of the goods, to the dock and the other said no. "Fortunately, we have cast credit insurance, or we have lost all our losses," he said.

In recent years, the issue of export anti-dumping has been outstanding. After the financial crisis in 2008, the debt crisis in Europe has also intensified. International economic turmoil and unfavorable factors have increased. Some European companies that originally said "one for one, two for two," began to appear. * Even when it arrives at the time of receipt, it will temporarily "shamelessly" return the bill.

According to the data, in 2010 China Insurance Insurance and guarantee business achieved a total insurance value of 196.43 billion US dollars, an increase of 68.5%. Among them, the medium and long-term export credit insurance achieved an insurance value of 9.65 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 19.7%. The short-term export credit insurance achieved a total insurance value of 154.33 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 71.0%. The total underwriting amount of China Credit Insurance Export Credit Insurance, the amount of short-term export credit insurance coverage, and the amount of overseas investment insurance coverage have risen to the top of all official export credit agencies in the world.

Behind the gorgeous figures is the anxiety and anxiety of the company.

“Old customers and big brands may not all be reliable,” said Zheng Guoqing, who is engaged in the foreign trade letter and newspaper industry. They have just helped Quanzhou enterprises to negotiate with a well-known Spanish company to help garment companies keep their orders. However, the goods originally requested by the other party to be delivered before the end of the year are now only due to be delivered after the end of the year. Therefore, the original order amount of RMB 2 million per month has shrunk to around RMB 500,000 per month. This second-tier clothing company in Spain has long been working with this well-known apparel company. The other party has always been very reputable, and the volume of orders is also very large. Before that, the business generated by the company and the amount of business they generated was at least US$20 million each year, but this year it has shrunk dramatically.

According to statistics from China Credit Insurance, the number of newly reported cases has risen significantly in 2011. “In these cases of foreign trade reports, due to the failure of overseas companies to perform the contract on time, the majority of our companies were damaged.” Zheng Guoqing said that many overseas buyers who have paid deposits because the market can not digest the goods, would rather Do not deposit money, do not want to spend money to buy goods.

The import and export data of China's foreign trade in 2011 issued by the General Administration of Customs in recent days showed that China’s foreign trade import and export value was 3,642.06 billion US dollars (approximately 22.9 trillion ***) in 2011, an increase of 22.5% over the same period of 2010, and the total volume of imports and exports hit an annual figure. A new record high. The annual trade surplus was $155.14 billion, a decrease of 14.5% from the previous year.

Many garment companies in China rely on OEM exports. There are a large number of apparel companies engaged in foreign trade and export businesses along the coast, especially the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Each year they produce a huge amount of apparel products for the world. Once the order is cancelled, the entire batch is of good quality. The finished product will become a tail cargo.

According to analysis by industry insiders, the abrupt cancellation and change of orders began to afflict the garment industry frequently, leading to a surge in tailgating. In addition, in addition to the manufacturing process, circulation may lead to more "traps" for tailgating, such as poor management, rapid changes in consumer demand, prevalence and seasonal changes, and regional differences. Whether it is wholesale, retail, agency or brand management, there will be a variety of Weihuo. In particular, brand owners, they must chase the market must be a large number of distribution, in response to the rapid demand changes in the market to stay in the forefront of fashion, it will be more likely to produce Weihuo.

How big is the stock market?

Shen Danyang, spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, said that due to the overall complexity of the world economic situation in 2012, the impact of domestic and foreign environmental changes on China’s foreign trade continues to develop. Therefore, China’s foreign trade situation will be very severe in the first quarter of this year, resulting in large stocks due to slippage. It is urgent for companies that are in stock to find their own outlets.

The stock market will be a good choice for them. 30 yuan to buy a brand name shirt, 50 yuan set of brand jeans, 80 yuan Amoy double well-known sports shoes, but also absolutely authentic, these original can not be achieved in the clothing market is one by one. The Tianlan Tianwei cargo market at the West Third Ring Road Lize Long-distance Bus Station is Beijing's first domestic market. As Beijing's first domestic market, "The Myth of Selling 2 Billion Dollars in 3 Months" has made Tian Lantian a good store of its "big brother" momentum.

Recently, Tianlan Weihuo has three new stores - Tianlan Weishi Shijingshan, Tianlan Weihu Shunyi, and Tianlan Weiyun Miyun, which have opened in Beijing. By the end of 2011, Tianlan Weihuo has had 10 large-scale professional stores in the Beijing area with a business area of ​​more than 150,000 square meters.

It is reported that the domestic and international cargo delivery capacity of the Tianlan Tianwei cargo market has been radiating all over the country. Whether it is in Gansu and Shanxi in the large-scale development of the west, or in Harbin, a clothing center in the northeast China, it can be seen that the department has the name of the market. Dedicated shipping bag figure. The people in Shijiazhuang, Shanxi, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China have already taken Tianlantian as an important sourcing base.

The data shows that since the opening of Tianlan day, more than 800 millionaires have been “incubated”. Individual merchants have become multi-millionaires, and they are the large households in the domestic cargo industry, that is, the holders of tails cargo. In the context of the economic crisis, Tian Lantian bucked the tide of the frozen economy of the Chinese economy and created a wealthy movement.

Since the establishment of the first domestic market in Beijing in 2007, Beijing has successively created more than ten domestic markets, and Nanjing, Changshu, Guangzhou, and Shanghai have rapidly formed large-scale domestic trading centers.

As of 2010, the size of China's domestic cargo market has reached 230 billion ***, and there are as many as 4 million SMEs participating in this industry chain. On December 16, 2011, table tennis world champion Wang Liqin appeared in Hangzhou Yuhang, formally signed and served as the image ambassador of a domestic cargo company... These phenomena indicate that the domestic cargo industry has embarked on a higher and broader development. platform.

According to predictions made by authoritative organizations such as McKinsey Consulting, the size of the international stock market will exceed 500 billion U.S. dollars, and the potential of the domestic market will be gradually developed.

"Pseudo goods" spoilers However, high-quality end-use goods are not plain sailing in the stock market.

The reporter saw a coat of ZARA on a stall in Tianlan day. The stall owner said that the manufacturer had taken it directly. The reporter questioned how to identify the original bill. The stall owner said angrily, “Since it is selling Weihuo, it is not. Will give you fake, these are taken directly with the manufacturers, not to say that selling a thousand yuan is called genuine. If you give me other models of ZARA, I can also give you to the factory to take the bargain."

However, the consumer Wu Feng told reporters, “This side, many stores like Jack Jones, OLNY, ZARA's Weihuo, work or touch it, feels wrong.” She thinks that here a lot of “Weihuo” Has become a "pseudo-product."

It is reported that Tian Lantian has implemented limit price management and is thus well-known, attracting a large number of passengers, and some non-tailorers also took the opportunity to enter. Malls in shopping malls are not 100% of tailers and tailers account for approximately 80%. Many shops selling the concept of Weihuo, selling other types of goods, need clothing shop owners to look at themselves, listen more, and compare more.

“Some time ago, the Beijing police investigated several clothing bags and small stores, among which there were many clothing, bags, and accessories suspected of being counterfeit brand names.” Wu Feng believes that in general, new products will be allowed to enter the market for two years or even five years. The factory sells tails, and some well-known brands do not even allow tails to flow into the market. Therefore, it is not ruled out that some processing factories hold brand-name pictures and samples, and the apparel manufacturers must be copied in batches. The sellers will then affix all kinds of fake trademarks to the market in the name of “famous goods”.

Ms. Wu Feng’s psychology reflects the concerns of most of the tail-worn consumers. This has made the situation of OEM companies that have been “sacrificed” to refund orders more severe. How can these products that have not passed the season be better brought to market?

As a matter of fact, the Weihuo who suffers from “sacrifices” has a good market value. Some products are even good products that the company has spent a lot of effort, and quality is no problem. However, they are lacking a recognized "identity card" and lacking corresponding circulation platforms and channels. They cannot "run" and "lie" can't move freely in the warehouse, and they are constantly being generated. A heavy burden on the manufacturing industry has become a headache for entrepreneurs.

Insiders pointed out that in the face of predicament, garment manufacturers should open up channels, and at the same time, they must know how to cooperate closely with the merchants in the terminal channel, grasp the rhythm, and encourage terminal merchants to do appropriate sales activities when appropriate. For example, group purchase, VIP sales, issuing coupons, buying time, holiday promotions, etc., are all good methods. In general, such an approach is less likely to damage the reputation and image of the business operators, and it will not easily affect the relationship with the suppliers.

At the same time, the person thinks that garment manufacturers and wholesalers are becoming more active. "In order to make the terminal store reassuring, our strategy is to do a timely transfer service." A garment company encountering "shameless" refund orders when it comes to dealing with Weihuo experience. According to him, at the time of purchase, their factory can provide “a small amount” of services to the terminal's stores. As long as new models are not inquired within 5 days, or if they are not sold within 7 days, they can quickly return to them. The factory replaces other colors or styles.

Industry experts analyze that the current market competition is very fierce, and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between true and false. Manufacturers are generally allowed to exchange other colors or styles of the same models in order to ship as much as possible in reputable stores. This method of preventing the pressing of goods not only brings the biggest cash flow to the store, but also allows the new style of the store to emerge in an endless stream, which is very attractive to the buyers. Of course, this practice also has a drawback. Some businesses transfer goods too frequently, which will affect the production of the company to some extent.

In addition, by participating in related exhibitions, it is also a good way to promote the backlog of products that have been subject to chargeback. “Inventory agents” do a good job, and profits are sometimes higher than those of regular stores.

"Dealing with inventory goods is often more profitable than selling regular-priced goods." Clothing owner Lin Xuefang and reporters talked about making their own "stock agent" experience. She took 200 yuan of regular-priced goods as an example. When the clothing agency clears its inventory, it is generally awarded a package of "1x" or so to "inventory agents." Shanghai has also experienced a discount of a minimum of 0.5%. In accordance with the law of inventory digestion is generally lower than 5 fold, 20 yuan purchase price can be sold up to 100 yuan.

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