Man Lu card "portrait back • Win in May" event signing Shao Dong Jiangxi Shangrao

In order to repay the majority of Man Luka franchisees, continue to develop Man Luka's domestic market. Man Luca brand women's wear has been held since April 2013 on the theme of "portrait back • win in May," the investment promotion. The activity preferential treatment is great, based on the original 100% cross-seasonal exchange policy, from the franchise fee, free deposit, repairs and other angles to give support to join, to reduce the pre-capital investment of franchised brands, and more The risk borne by the headquarters, to ensure that the liquidity of the store operations, eliminating the franchisee investment and operational risk.



Recently, Lufthansa has signed contracts with Shaodong in Hunan, Shangrao in Jiangxi and Zunyi in Guizhou to further enhance its brand competitiveness in Central China such as Hunan and Jiangxi, demonstrating the strength of its brand name. Man Luka carrying hundreds of Man Luka terminal franchise stores and outlets, inviting you to witness the release time of Man Luka 2013, share Man Lu wealth card feast.



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