Lovely "watermelon prince" to relieve summer heat

The arrival of the hot summer, there is a sense of irritability, is not it a blessing all day holding a watermelon, summer love watermelon control, this summer will not only let you watermelon control, will become the watermelon prince control. Watermelon prince children's clothing so that you feel watermelon gives you a cool satisfaction. A lot of mothers look at their son growing up day by day to become handsome, is not particularly a sense of accomplishment ah, the general see cute children will want to see their mother, how is born so cute Handsome son, handsome son can not be separated from the mom's well-dressed, simple t-shirt with small shorts, fresh and simple with cute patterns, as well as children's favorite angry bird pattern, so that children Reluctant to take off. Now children love to sell Meng, called us these "sister" or "aunt" how to do ah. Watermelon prince children's clothing is to let the children are all lost those sisters, the letter pattern t-shirt with yellow shorts, plus a shirt t-shirt, absolutely eye-catching in the street, let your son be surrounded by it.

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