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[China Gift Network News] Recently, a food company promoted food to a conference marketing company, and proposed to make personalized food for it. However, the conference marketing company rejected the proposal because the sales company is busy with a conference and is busy with the number of participants. There is no time to consider such small things. In fact, the company may have missed an opportunity for the best marketing change.
Emotional bond on the mall
Relevant practitioners know that every meeting, the organizers are required to prepare a lot of gimmicks. Although there are overall planning themes throughout the year, sometimes in order to ensure the popularity and quantity of each meeting, it is necessary to prepare some "points" to speculate, or to launch the theme of the conference at an important stage (special holidays). In short, you must be prepared to be sensible, so that the participants can remember you, remember that your company, the sales company will be completed the first step of the sales.
In addition, in order to enhance the company's overall brand, many of the sales companies will also enhance the impression of the participants by distributing small gifts to the participants, thereby stimulating the desire to purchase or enhancing the emotional exchange.
At present, the use of small gifts has become a practice in the sales industry. After more than ten years of actual combat, it has continued to this day, and the form of gifts has changed. Even from small conference gifts, you can glimpse the sales enterprises. The road to development.
So, how do our sales companies generally distribute small gifts?
From snacks to everyday small items
In the late 1990s, it was a start-up period, initially using objects such as fruits and melon seeds on the table to attract participants. Since Zhuhai’s misunderstanding and use of face-to-face direct sales with customers, the perception of customers as God’s service has always been regarded as “essential” in sales companies. At this time, many consumers are quite novel and happy to accept this kind of humane participation.
Looking back now, the appearance of fruits and melons reflects the respect for customers. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for sales, which brings people closer to each other. People do not regard this as “sales”. Bait." This will undoubtedly reflect a kind of "warm feeling", the so-called "spring wind sneak into the night, moist and fine things", which is of great benefit to sales. This practice has continued to this day and has become an important part of the sales process. It also proves the meaning and value of its existence from one side.
With the development of the market, more and more popular gifts are presented to the participants at the conference, such as magnifying glasses, open bottles, small combs, household spring scales and other small objects that are more practical in daily life.
The private gift giving method seems to stimulate people's participation enthusiasm by eating and drinking together and giving small gifts to individuals. Economical and practical gifts also meet some of the needs people often encounter in their daily lives. The sales company adopts this kind of life-oriented promotional items, which can be said to be keenly grasping the consumer psychology and potential needs, and the “crawling” of small gifts drives the sales of the products at the venue.
  New Century Deductive Colorful Huazhang
After 2000, the on-site trial products were popular in the sales industry to attract the participants. Such enterprises generally use their own products as test supplies. When the participants arrive at the scene, they can drink hypoglycemic tea and antihypertensive tea for free. Typical products like Tiannian, Zhongmai and other manufacturers distribute their own gloves, socks, etc. containing infrared, nanotechnology, or high-tech content, or directly let the participants sleep on the products, wear the products, and customers. Experience the magical features of the product in person.
I don't know if this is another kind of "try before you buy"? However, this practice can fully reflect the self-confidence of the company, the product is practical and effective on the spot, and many participants are just coming to drink tea.
Later, the small gifts that were distributed to the participants were no longer physical, but a test sheet or coupon. Many sales companies were equipped with a variety of convenient testing instruments, which can be presented at the sales meeting. The body is tested (mainly to detect parameters related to product appeal and pathological conditions), such as a drop of blood, microcirculation detector, bone density detector, etc., from the instrument to the computer, from slice to spit, can be detected The body condition of the examiner is not very good, and the line of data is frightening.
The use of modern science and technology has invisibly enhanced the professionalism and credibility of the sales companies. Many participants will line up for a long time waiting for testing. Experts should pay attention to what they should pay and what to supplement. . During this period, it is precisely when people's living standards continue to improve, and work pressures continue to increase. People's awareness of health and health care is increasing. In addition to traditional medicines and health care products, some vitamins and nutrients in sales enterprises. The products are also common.
The sales companies are most sensitive to the market. With different promotion strategies in different periods, the use of small gifts can always meet the needs of the market. In a period of green and healthy travel, the sales companies will organize participants to go to the suburban orchards and vegetable fields for free day trips. Communicate on the coach, complete the meeting on the grass, invite professional coaches to organize the participants to learn aerobics, finger exercises, etc. during the popular sports, and the sales companies will combine the market environment or festival atmosphere to the supermarket. Learning marketing, when the meeting was invited to send eggs to the participants, causing the venue to be popular.
Nowadays, in the choice of selling small gifts, the sales companies will pay more attention to individualization. The distribution and application of small gifts will be more informal. Some will directly issue gift cards and give the recipients a certain choice. Some encourage employees to Gifts are sent directly to the participants' homes to build a bridge of emotions and communication.
Nowadays, the development of the sales model has been going on for nearly two decades. This marketing model has not only been bleak in the development of the times, but has become more energetic and attracted more enterprises to invest in it.
Today, the market demand has gone from the shortage economy to the economic surplus, to the rich economy, and entered the era of individual experience. The sales companies also pay more attention to the emotional interaction of the participants and pursue perfection in the sales process. The atmosphere of the venue is now more warm and quiet, the staff wears more attention, the gifts will also change, and there is an urgent need for change. But in any case, the responsibilities of the small gifts will not change. I believe that the small gift strategy will continue to evolve in the long-term existence of the sales enterprises.

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