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KUGER Guge home service simple Jane fashion series, inspired by the Nordic naturalistic design, that is, advocating nature, enjoy the freedom, lazy home lifestyle philosophy! Natural and inaccessible Nordic illusion as the source of inspiration for this season, the ultimate elegance and the desire to explore each other, emitting a glamorous atmosphere of light and luxury leisure, liberal style and urban femininity each other, the perfect interpretation of the leisurely Quiet and wandering lazy.


Simple, modern, elegant, with a solid color for the style of representation, the overall sense of comfort natural, and simple style of the home against the background, popular young people sought after. Shallow wall tone, color shades of cloth with, and ultimately, Guge cotton linen pillow, the local green eye potted plants, brought long-awaited Nordic home life, haunting the distinct regional style of humanistic atmosphere, feel the Nordic culture The dissemination, which KUGER Gu Ge interpretation of the Nordic pure Jane fashion.

KUGER古格 舒适派家居旅行

There are new things in summer, recount a song of pleasant youth, Gu Ge should be young people advocating nature, enjoy the freedom, lazy home synonymous. We are comforters home travelers, never stop, in order to wait for the free travel and bold pursuit!

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