Autumn and winter women's shoes trends trends of major brands released

Ben Wang, February 11 hearing, this year's autumn and winter shoes, a big luxury brand changed slightly boring traditional route, regardless of design and color, there are elements that make people shine, in general, flamingo-like enthusiasm Sexy, is the trend of autumn and winter women's shoes.

Women's shoes trends in autumn and winter 1: Dior 缪缪 lead - flamingos inspired blockbuster

Popular elements of autumn and winter shoes, you can snoop from a group of large shoes - a famous American magazine and hand-known photographer Dan Forbes shot a group of flamingo-inspired footwear accessories. Melody Munroth, a model in the series, appeared in a pink single-piece appearance and presented a visual feast. In the series, the brand's luxury brands include DIOR, Dries Van Noten, Erdem, Miu Miu, and Nina Ricci. Roger Vivier's six brands.

Autumn and winter women's shoes fashion trend II: Mary Bai - retro modern waterproof platform

Mulberry's newly launched Fall/Winter 2013 collection is based on a waterproof platform with a rugged, high-heeled retro style. It uses pure monochrome and textures to evolve a variety of styles, perfecting sweetness and radiance. Combine. Pair with wide-leg pants to create a vintage rock style, or with an ultra-short pleated skirt to create a fresh college style.

Autumn and winter women's shoes trends three: Alexander Wang - the use of black and white gray

Alexander Wang launched the 2013 Autumn/Winter collection. The new shoes will be used in black, white and grey to create an elegant or casual, or sporty style. In addition to the smooth leather material, the use of horse hair is also a major highlight of the 2013 autumn and winter collection. It also allows footwear to be more in line with the warmth and warmth of the autumn and winter collections.

Autumn and winter women's shoes trend four: DKNY - simple profile

DKNY 2013 autumn and winter series shoes main simple black and white khaki color, free and easy silhouette to create a very unique modern urban modern sense. Whether it is a unique style buckle boots, elegant retro carved high heels, or sexy ultra-slim high-heeled shoes, can perfectly bring out the graceful appearance of a woman.

Fall and Winter Women's Shoes Trend 5: Ferragamo - Pointed Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo 2013 autumn and winter series shoes pointed style shoes in style, and the use of black, white, dark blue three low-key colors to highlight the exquisite craft exudes charm. Supplemented by a unique hollow, binding, splicing techniques, perfectly bring out the feminine and strong double-sided.

Autumn and winter women's shoes trends six: conversion - the details of the romantic

Chloe women's fashion trends in autumn and winter, the brand continues to use a large number of ink blue, linoleum green, crayon red and other romantic charm of the color, in the details you can always feel the brand brought about by the romantic feelings. ( Cooperative Media: Shoes & Fashion Brands Global Fashion Brand Network China Fashion Network )

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