Jin Tan who inherited the same paragraph clothing models with the same paragraph sweater suits recommended

Although the successor to the TV series has been successfully completed, the golden sighs and gentlemen still remain in the audience's heart for a long time. Kim sigh that full of taste and style with the more is to make men crazy, golden sigh, how handsome? Like Tan King handsome and charming, then take a look at the Senma men, Lee Min-ho endorsement of the clothing brand, very trendy Van. Prince Semir inherited note [trend] As the second son of the gold sigh, dress style is not so serious as the first hand, so some exaggerated elements have also been applied to the clothing, plaid shirt, gray sweater and retro patterns are Can match the trends you want. Prince Semir inherited note [Ru Fan] want to wear a gold sigh such a slender figure, you can try a variety of self-cultivation version of the jacket Oh ~ gentle and steady basic colors This is the man's best decorations! Informal occasions, you can also choose to splicing or decorative suits, refined and there are so distinctive personality.

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