What style of woolen dress is better looking

Special material clothing there are always some special Aspect, whether it is from the feel or upper body experience, or others in the eyes of you, is certainly a special you. This is why women like the so-so fabric clothing, woolen cloth in the neutral without losing the soft, nor is it fashionable in crude, without losing the gentle and elegant in the rough mad, let people put it down in the autumn and winter Market big deal. Recommended for everyone here is a woolen dress, if there is no collection to look at it.

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

Red Kai Bell women

By the end of the year, a red dress no matter what occasion are applicable to the length of the thigh just revealed a slender leg lines, both sides of blue-blue stitching and neckline at the blue-blue applique corresponding to the convex The induced figure interpretation of subtle elegance.


Red Kai Bell women

Pink soft for women of different ages of the crowd, this pink woolen dress is the most significant figure of the A-shaped cut, the chest printed on the interpretation of romanticism, but without losing the elegant elegance, skirt Folded at the skirt fluffy fold, the sweet little fresh image exudes a unique charm.

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