What to wear under the snow temperature minus a few degrees with clothing

Looking at the spring is coming, but it has started a heavy snow, looking out the window floating snow goose feather, be regarded as powerful late spring cold. Few degrees of cold weather, ice and snow really do not want to go out yet. But people who need to go to work or go to their jobs. While enjoying the snow, we still have to pay attention to keep warm. Here, Xiaobian Tips prompt attention to cold warm, recommended for several cold weather wearing clothing.

丝佛卡 - CIFUCA

Sifo Ka -cifuca Women

Burgundy coat so that we can see in the white snow at a glance, this long section of the straight woolen jacket, heavy woolen fabric can also be matched with a few pieces of backing clothing, like sweaters Or woolen jacket dignified, can be collocated with it, not only the overall effect will not be fat, there are stylish elegance.

下大雪穿什么  温度零下几度怎么搭配服装

Silk Fok-cifuca women's clothing

Only a few days of winter wear, but also come up with heavy winter coat, these two woolen jackets are a very good choice. Sky blue wool collar woolen jacket, with high collar close sweater, jacket and a unique skirt design. Polar blue fur collar is layered, not only innovative fashion, but also revealed a dignified and generous manners.

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