How to appreciate the Gobi agate bracelet

Gobi Agate is a kind of agate. It is mainly produced in the Alashan area of ​​Inner Mongolia, China, also known as Alashan Agate. The texture is warm, delicate and smooth, with various shapes and rich colors. Some clay crusts on agate have undergone years of pressure and temperature changes, coupled with the washing of water and other elements, forming a natural multi-eye pattern on the skin, adding a unique charm and a certain appreciation. Sex, because of the large stock, lack of quality, so the value has not been high. So how do you appreciate the Gobi agate bracelet?


Appreciation 1: "Shaping" Qi Ling

It is not so much the Gobi stone "all things in the world of Cologne", it is better to say that "everything in the world comes from the spiritual stone." The shape of the Gobi stone has changed a lot, and it is alive and well. It is amazing and incomparable. It reflects the magic of the heavenly creation.

Appreciation 2: "Quality" is odd and strong

After the sea, the volcano, the desert, and the Gobi, the Gobi Agate stone absorbs hundreds of millions of years of the sun and the moon, honing its unique texture and perseverance. The Gobi Agate texture is harder than Hetian jade, reaching 7.8 degrees Celsius, and is known as the land "relic".

Appreciation 3: "Color" is strange and fresh

The Gobi Agate bracelet absorbs the natural aura, the color of all things, and the nature of nature. The wind and rain eroded, the cold and the summer, the Gobi stone color does not float, the dignity is thick, the stone is seven points, and the fresh eyes are live.

Appreciation 4: "Stripe" is strange and beautiful

The lines of each place are moving, the color blocks blend, the folds rise and fall, and all the vicissitudes of the Gobi agate stone are performed. Its texture, natural, smooth, unified, can not be recreated, beautiful and natural.

Appreciation 5: "Rhyme" is strange and ambiguous

"The vastness of the sea, the passion of the volcano, the exquisiteness of the desert, the desperate and quiet of the Gobi... the Gobi agate stone that makes the rhyme and sorrow. No need to modify, no need to sculpt, simple and true, heaven and man are united, each side The stone is full of artistic conception, each seed is unique, let people dream of fascination...

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