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Affected by the macroeconomic and policy implications, the silverware industry has been shuffling. Under this harsh background, the silversmiths continued to find breakthroughs in breaking new ground with new market behaviors. Since 1991, the founder of the "Bear Silver" brand, Xiong Fuzhang, opened the first one in Xiangyang Gold and silver jewelry processing shop, to now have 3,000 employees, 500 chain stores, 4 own jewelry brands and a number of co-jewelry brand jewelry business. Bear silversmith not only rely on first-class R & D design team a strong market development team and management team, as well as Xiong Fu Zhang's unique insight and unswerving confidence! 2014 is a bear silversmith harvest year. Join the Standard Alliance to Lead the Development of the Industry In April, Bear Silversmith passed the heavy audits of Enterprise Standard Consortium of Precious Metals & Jewelry and Jade Jewelry, and finally became the member of Alliance Member. It has also become the drafter of two major categories of Chinese silverware and retail jewelry industry and creator. To further standardize the precious metal and jewelry jade jewelry business model typing requirements, bear silversmith participation "inlay jewelry mark requirements" and many other industry standards drafting, through joint efforts "mosaic jewelry mark requirements" finally released in November. The standard specifies the inlay jewelry mark the contents of the mark and the word printed requirements apply to precious metals and jewelry jade jewelry enterprise standard production and marketing enterprises inlaid jewelry. On July 10, 2014, the bear silversmith brand Lynx flagship store formally launched marking the achievement of a strategic breakthrough in the development of multiple channels by the bear silversmith brand. . Bear silversmith brand in the development of e-commerce channels can be said to take advantage of the trend, the brand to a new level, to achieve the maximum value of the brand silversmiths. Bear silversmith business platform and terminal stores in the product differentiated positioning, this difference is better to make up for the terminal stores in the face of a huge market gaps, and the formation of a perfect, unified multi-channel sales model, enhanced Bear silversmith brand in the market competitiveness. Meanwhile, Bear Silversmith's e-commerce platform will lay a solid foundation for the realization of the brand O2O e-commerce model, that is, Online Offline offline consumption. In the future, consumers can greatly enhance their sales performance through online screening of products and offline experience services, which is in line with the development model of the bear silversmith brand, which is mainly based on physical stores, e-commerce and allied industries. Brand strong alliances, to create immortal legend Since 2004, the United States to embark on brand jewelry chain since the road, has been focusing on independent innovation, the perfect combination of modern fashion and Oriental aesthetics. However, at present, the silver decoration industry in our country is caught in the more serious homogenization competition. The overall innovation awareness and ability are very weak. Cooperation is an indispensable means to enhance competitiveness. In 2012, "Bear Silversmith" and Swarovski company reached a strategic cooperation since becoming a member of the Swarovski gem brand partners. Joint research and development inlaid Swarovski zircon "dream charm" products, much of the vast number of consumers of all ages. In September this year, the appearance of Bear Silversmith at the Hong Kong Jewelery Show not only aroused the concern of peers and investors, but also attracted the great attention of Swarovski. The special delegates and Bear Silversmith discussed the cooperation in 2015 . At the 2014 China Jewelery & Gem Fair Industry Science & Technology Awards, the "Dream Charm - Rhinoceros Pendants" project developed by Bear Silversmith won the Excellence Award of "Science and Technology Award of China Gem & Jade Jewelry Association" Honor of the brand. "Dream charm" currently listed has reached 240 balances. One of the "consonance" products using a unique piece design, heart-shaped mother and pendant necklace can be any combination of four different colors of zircon sub-pendant, combined into different styles: mysterious black, quiet blue, sweet powder and pure white; Pendant and child can be worn separately. A sterling silver chain can deduce up to 9 kinds of wear. Creative design, exquisite craftsmanship, high-end Swarovski zircon, the "consonance" successfully won the title. Bear silversmith "Dream Charm - Consonant combination of pendants" and its patent No. Bear silversmith brand's successful operation caused a deep concern internationally renowned brands. This year, the Bear Silversmith has sent professional inspection team went to Italy, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places learn from experience and seek cooperation! Now Swarovski, Rosemeier, dancing stones and other internationally renowned brands in-depth cooperation. October, France CACHAREL Director of Hong Kong's Regional Development Louis Ma and VIP from France Damien Desurmont - CEO of CACHAREL Asia Visits "Bear Silversmith" Shenzhen Headquarter with "Bear Silversmith "Head Xiong Fu Zhang on the direction of cooperation between the two companies conducted a preliminary discussion. Practicing Social Responsibility and Making Philanthropy Better As the leading brand in the silverware chain industry, Bear Silversmith always adheres to the corporate mission of "serving the country by industry and benefiting the community" and has been actively implementing the corporate social responsibility and dedicating itself to Public welfare projects. From hosting the "Centennial Silverware" Cultural Tour Exhibition in 2009 to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, and supporting the Ya'an Earthquake in 2011 from Shenzhen Universiade in 2011 to 2013, all bear silversmiths spare no effort to fulfill their responsibilities. On December 21, 2014, "Love Running - One Foundation's 2014 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon" co-sponsored by Shenzhen One Foundation Nonprofit Organization and Shenzhen Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association officially kicked off at Yantian Sports Center in Shenzhen 10,000 love runners from different countries and regions participated in this event. The guest of Ming and Qing Dynasties started their shooting for the athletes (on the second left, Mr. Xiong Fuzhang, the chairman of Bear Silversmith brand), all employees of "Bear Silversmith" Shenzhen headquarters, under the leadership of Chairman Xiong Fuzhang, participated actively in "Running for Love • One Foundation 2014 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon ", while donating 2000 sterling silver custom stamp gifts to the race, dedication and warmth to impoverished children in disaster areas. "Bears silversmiths" charity behavior has been one of the Foundation public welfare foundation and people from all walks of life love the unanimous affirmation, and therefore was sponsored by the organizers of the "love enterprise" honorary title. One Foundation "love to run" caring company bear silversmith Shenzhen headquarter contest participants photo contest the future "bear silversmith" uphold the heritage of craftsmanship, superb craftsmanship and fashion design concept, the modern Oriental aesthetics and fashion elements of integration and innovation. Focusing on the research and development of pure silver core products, we continue to write a beautiful chapter with strong brand awareness, mature chain profit model, a complete chain operation system, a comprehensive training supervision system, original design patterns and exquisite craftsmanship.



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