Spring Festival clothing with the New Year woolen coat with

How to match the clothes during the Spring Festival? In fact, the Spring Festival is already in the late winter early spring season, although the weather is still not warm, but the relative temperature has risen, so the wool coat with the spring is a must have a single product. So how to match the spring woolen jacket? Below with Xiaobian take a look!


This red woolen jacket, loose cloak design, coupled with a brown fur collar, warm and stylish, with a black lace sleeve bottoming shirt & black bag skirts + black stockings + beige high heels , Warm and thin, but also very festive atmosphere!

春节服装搭配 春节毛呢外套搭配

This profile of the Korean woolen jacket, lapel design, coupled with orange, gray, tan three-color collision color stitching, giving a stronger visual impact, very eye-catching fashion. With the black straight dress & black stockings and high heels, was tall while clever lengthening his legs, so South Korea Department Street full range of children!

Photo Source: Eddy Ladies

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