1/2 cup underwear effect is good small cup can wear sexy cleavage

Underwear, the most attractive place in addition to color and style, it should be on the number of its wearing effect. If a lingerie does not have any glittering effect when put on, it will not wear even if its color looks good again. On the contrary, the effect of a bra is very good, even if it does not look so beautiful believe you Will continue to choose it, even to the time of the elimination is not willing to throw away. Of course, now the woman is very smart, buy underwear to buy good-looking models, wearing good results.


Looks like this underwear is not as attractive as those adjustable underwear, because its cup looks small, giving the impression that the chest can not be all wrapped up, but in fact it is not what you want, even small Cup it still can gather all your chest to the middle position, and presents a charming cleavage, the main reason is that it has the help of invisible steel ring, plus side than the soft bone, you can effectively Fat accumulation in the cup, but also for a long time wearing no shift.

1/2罩杯的内衣效果好吗 小罩杯能不能穿出性感乳沟

In general, we rarely choose 1/2 cup style, because there is very little chest can hold it up, small chest will appear empty cup, chest fat will overflow to the outside of the cup. However, this 1/2 cup underwear, but the chest curve is very perfect shape, full of curves, sexy cleavage, a woman's ideal chest easily create. Because the high chicken heart can raise the chest line, the memory of the rim and soft glue can be fixed chest fat unexpected flow, let you wear more at ease.

Image Source: Italian Waa underwear

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