The development of jade in the Qing Dynasty benefited swiftly from the emperor emperor Qianlong

There have been three dazzling highlights in the jade wares of the past: in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Western Han Dynasty and the Qianlong period, different eras and different characteristics have left a rich jade cultural heritage.

During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for more than 60 years, it created a new glory during the period. "Qianlonggong" has become synonymous with fine jade articles of this period. The distinctive characteristics of the era of "Qianlonggong" have made the form beauty of jade carvings new and improved. Large Yushanzi, antique utensils, traces of thin tires, inscriptions, and various new themes, new shapes and new materials. There is a great situation that emerges and forms a blooming flower. It is the most brilliant of the three highlights of the past, which is closely related to the emperor.

The court jade of this period left a deep impression. In addition to the beautiful workmanship, it is also the innovation consciousness: the court painter participated in the jade carving creation design, and some of the paintings of the Italian painter Lang Shining were also made into jade.

It is a great hobby for Qianlong to block this promotion content collection and play jade. Although the palace office has a jade workshop, it is not satisfactory, and a “Ruyi Pavilion” is added for the fine jade craftsmen (mainly recruited from Suzhou)琢jade. The rare jade carving "San Xi Tang Jade Book" is in the Ruyi Museum. This piece of jade book is specially designed by Suzhou jade Zhu Shiyun to enter Beijing. It lasted for more than a year. Later, Zhu Shiyun was not used to living in the palace, and returned to the Soviet Union.

Qianlong Aiyu is rich in taste, especially for the appreciation of ancient artifacts. As an expert in ancient jade archaeological identification, the emperor has never been unique in the dynasties. He and the most convinced Suzhou Yugong Yao Zongren "often consulted with art, and there is a close talk." According to historical sources, once Qianlong saw a "Jade Cup", he liked it, thinking it was an ancient device. Specially called Yao Zongren to distinguish. Yao Zongren said after reading: "Hey! The ancestors of the villain are also, the world is obvious, and the knowledge is known." This "Jade Cup" was originally made by Yao Jiazu. He had seen it before, so he can distinguish it. . Qianlong heard it, especially amazing.

Qianlong likes to make poetry and praise jade, which is rare in history. According to records, he has made more than 700 poems in his life, and the number is amazing. Although the poems are relatively mediocre, the love of jade is beyond words. He knows a lot about the craftsmanship of Suzhou Shuyu, and he used to be a poem: "There is also a good hand in all the lanes."

The jade carving vessels pay attention to the "formal quaintness". Combining the fineness of the bronze pottery with the characteristics of the traditional jade carving craft, it has a new "antique work", which has created a new feature of the jade carving bottle, showing many demure and exquisite workmanship. The novelty, and especially the "Qianlong Antique" annual engraving, has become a unique feature of this period.

The traces of the Stan jade absorbed the jade-making style of India and Persia, and improved and improved. Qianlong has a comment on this. "It’s not a treasure, but it’s a slap in the face." It shows that he has the same understanding of "foreign for the Chinese" and "the ancient for today". The development of tradition is inseparable from the creativity of the times.

The emperor’s seal is called “玺”. The Qin and Han dynasties, the rulers of the feudal dynasty regarded the jade as the main form of expression and power symbol of the imperial power. During the Qianlong period, the number of jade articles was the largest and the carvings were exquisite. The jade materials used were more particular. The jade oysters are all made in the palace jade workshop, and they are all on the Yunlong, meaning "the real dragon emperor." Historical records: Qianlong has "25 squares of jade", there are many other jade seals for different purposes.

The achievement of the outstanding Qing Dynasty jade has a milestone significance, opening up a broad space for the new form beauty of jade carving. As the main promoter, Qianlong influenced the future development of jade carving with his personal aesthetics, reflecting the “new and ancient, active in the flow”.

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