Mixing stylish boots for winter wear

Ben Wang reported on November 11th that with the arrival of the first large-scale snowfall in the north, the footsteps of the winter came. Since the cold wind has risen, it is not an exaggeration to say: If you don't wear booties, you don't really have a chance!

First, what are the possible boots, show field has long been told us!

In fact, the booties this sweeping spring and summer single product, you can also once again good for your style modeling. The simplest modeling tips, the 2015 autumn/winter show has already given you the following demonstration:


In real life, consider using transparent Christian Dior boots with printed leggings.


The echo of the same color is always a magic weapon. Such as the GIVENCHY 2015 autumn and winter series, it is also wonderful to implement the velvet trend.


Animal patterns and grid pattern fly together, such as KENZO 2015 autumn and winter series to grasp the wave of printing can be good?


Stovepipe pants shape is not monotonous, with a choice of shoes with stress, such as MASHA MA 2015 autumn and winter series of such geometry with eye-catching fashion.

Second, leveraging the wind in the 1970s, but also the most fashionable denim flared pants

In the fall and winter of retro style, the nostalgia of the 1970s continued to grow. Cowboy bell-bottoms and booties are naturally style choices that people don’t want to miss.


The overall body shape is relatively simple, Kabuki artistic director Elina Halimi with a strong sense of the boots to match, this shape plus coat, go straight to the gallery from the office is not a problem.


Cloak + bell-bottoms + boots, Parisian women's fashionable shape easily available.

Third, wear a coat, stylish natural

The weather is getting colder, and the coat is a practical weapon for you to always maintain the style index. For different models, coats and boots combination also have their own style.


When He Zhiyuan was present at the VIP screening of the film "The Black Priests" in Seoul, South Korea, he used black as the main body shape, and tassels, camels and short boots combined to create a neat style.


Caroline Issa attends the premiere of "The Holidays" in the movie "Another" in London, England. The combination of booties and coats is quite simple and contrasts with the printing style of the ride.

How long does it take for the boots to fit in one year? Although it varies from person to person, the pursuit of fashion is always insisted.

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