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One winter, we naturally have to move out of thick jeans, but how can we still warmly walk through the winter? First of all, it is the best choice for the main character - jeans! We want you to even get rid of the usual basic models, but you can successfully get rid of the bad luck of being a passerby. Do you want to learn? Look at you slightly. Compro men's autumn and winter 2015 denim series to inherit and innovative spirit to explore the design history of jeans, bold combination of different materials and traditional crafts, the ultimate design possibilities of jeans extend, showing the ultimate aesthetic sense of denim fabric, and show stunning wonderful Wash water and treatment effect. The vibrant cowboy culture and futuristic colors blend perfectly in this collection to dynamically show the balance between traditional and modern technology, art and fashion. Sweaters plus jeans with high boots is the moment is very popular with the High Street, every single item is to promote their young, those gold-rimmed glasses Otaku came slightly, you have to learn not only wear out, it is attitude ! Large plaid shirt is art is also youth, jeans, too. This combination is the never-ending Li Daren style, from gray knit jacket to dark brown boots, everything is so right. It is time for them to add an indigo-washed jeans, and with the same color camouflage knitwear and in the street can not stop the breath of breath, of course, small white shoes is also an integral element of the whole extra points. Seemingly quiet black, but my heart is crazy. It has the perfect thin function, in the micro-fat trade sector sought after. It is also a cool artifact, and pure white shirt with white shirt shoes together to create a strong masculinity. Just choose the right color, color corsage can make your overall shape unconventional. Blue jeans are the classic style of men's must-have models, to abandon exaggeration, return to innocence.

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